Here Is Another Way Elections Can Be Stolen


Do we need to go back to paper ballots and hand count our votes? Well the answer to that depends on whether election officials are going to take seriously the hacking of voter machines and voter websites. VOTER FRAUD IS REAL, FOLKS!!!

The question we need to ask ourselves for the 2016 election is: ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A FAIR AND HONEST ELECTION?

Breitbart reports:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned Mondaythat at least two state government election board websites were hacked by foreign attackers.

State board websites in Arizona and Illinois are believed to be the websites that were breached, according to Yahoo. The hacks are suspected to be of either Russian or Turkish actors.

Wired reports that hackers could “destabilize American politics.”

“Someone is trying to hack these databases, and they succeeded in exfiltrating data, which is significant in itself,” says Thomas Rid, a cybersecurity-focused professor in the War Studies department at King’s College of London and author of Rise of the Machines. “In the context of all the other attempts to interfere with this election, it’s a big deal.”

In its warning sent to state-level election boards, the FBI described an attack on at least one of those two election websites as using a technique called SQL injection. It’s a common trick, which works by entering code into an entry field on a website that’s only meant to receive data inputs, triggering commands on the site’s backend and sometimes giving the attacker unintended access to the site’s server. In this case, it seems to have allowed the hackers to steal 200,000 voter records from the Illinois board of elections, and to cause the Illinois board to close registration for ten days.

In an op-ed published at Breitbart earlier last week, George Washing University Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf warned about the vulnerability of our voting system to hackers — including those who could be in the pay of a foreign government.

Yahoo reports:

Instead of inputting malicious codes or sifting through emails, Princeton professor Andrew Appel decided to purchase a voting machine to see just how easy it would be to hack. Appel spent $82 of his hard earned money to purchase a Sequoia AVC Advantage, which is one of the the most vulnerable electronic voting machines on the market.

With the help of some eager graduate students, Appel got to work picking the machines lock in seven seconds and installed his own firmware to see if he could manipulate a voting machine. In a mere seven minutes, he had the 250 pound machine doing his bidding. He said it was entirely possible for Russia or even a less tech-savvy group to hack an old machine like this:

“Look, we could see 15 years ago that this would be perfectly possible. It’s well within the capabilities of a country as sophisticated as Russia. Actually, it’s well within the capabilities of much less well-funded and sophisticated attackers.”

These fossils are still being used in Louisiana, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania, and have fewer security capabilities than a standard iPhone. Appel and his group were trying to show that once a hacker gets the software information, voting machines across the country could theoretically be susceptible to a major hack.

Hillary Clinton As A Model For Young Girls

There are very few people on the current political scene who understand how the Liberal/Left mind works, how they think and can dissect their every thought. One of those is Rush Limbaugh. The other is Dennis Prager. I consider it ironic that they both have radio shows that go head to head against each other at the same time each day. But knowing how a “Leftie” thinks doesn’t help unless you can explain it to the rest of us dunderheads.

Dennis Prager is unique because he does all this with a distinct moral compass. He looks at the world through morality glasses and often prods us to be our better selves in the grimy world of politics. Prager is a man of many talents and a leader in many fields. Not only is he a respected political commentator, he is also a prodigious writer on religion and an authority on the religions of the world. He adds to that an expertise in human relationships. His “Happiness Hour” makes him the Ann Landers or Dear Abbey of talk radio. He is also an authority on classical music and a respected classical music conductor.

When Prager talks, people listen. Listen with me now:


On Hillary Clinton as a Model for Young Girls

One of the most oft-heard claims made by supporters of Hillary Clinton is what a positive role model she would be for young girls as president.

They say: “Then, my daughters will know that nothing is to too great for them to aspire to. A woman can indeed be president of the United States.”

So goes the argument.

According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, women will vote for Clinton by 60 percent to 36 percent, a margin of 24 percent. In the last presidential election, the margin was 10 percent.

If the polls are accurate concerning the lopsided female support for Clinton, there are three likely reasons:

–Many women really want a woman president.

–Many women want this model for their daughters and all other girls.

–Some women who might have voted for a Republican male just won’t vote for Donald Trump.

In a previous column, I addressed the issue of how morally primitive it is for a woman to vote for a woman because of her gender. I will therefore only address the widespread notion that it will be very good for young girls if Clinton is elected because they will be able to realize that nothing in America is closed to them.

Given that the former secretary of state used her office to enrich herself and her husband; given that she so willfully compromised national security by setting up her own private email server in order to avoid congressional and public oversight; given that she has repeatedly lied about these actions; given that she lied to the mothers and fathers of the men killed by terrorists in Benghazi; and given that she has a long history of lying (a New York Times columnist called her a “congenital liar” in the 1990s), the notion of Clinton as a model for America’s girls and young women is nothing, if not depressing.

 Hillary wrinkled

Parents who think this way must either be willfully fooling themselves about how corrupt a person Clinton is, or they are being honest with themselves, but they nevertheless conclude that all that matters is that their daughter and other girls see a woman in the White House. Of course, even these people are not being fully honest with themselves, because the vast majority of them would never vote for an honest — let alone dishonest — woman if she were a Republican.

This obsession with a woman in the White House is a liberal preoccupation. The vast majority of conservatives, in contrast, wouldn’t care.

Why is that?

The answer is that conservatives do not think like liberals. People on the left think of themselves as worldly, and with regard to national identity, this is largely true. Viewing themselves as world citizens, liberals value national identity far less than conservatives do. That’s why on national holidays you will find so many fewer American flags in liberal neighborhoods than in conservative neighborhoods. What the left has done is trade in national identity and solidarity for race, gender and class identity and solidarity.

Conservatives affirm national identity and solidarity (“e pluribus unum“), but not gender, race or class identity and solidarity. Most conservative women are not impressed with the idea of “female solidarity.” They regard it as intellectually and morally foolish. And all conservatives — male and female — regard “racial solidarity” as just another term for racism.

Second, more conservative women think that if a woman is going to serve as a model for their daughters, that woman might indeed be a president or a CEO. But she might just as likely be a woman who makes a wonderful home that fosters good people, good Americans and a good marriage. I have to believe that even many liberals would acknowledge that the country now needs more good homes than good astronauts, CEOs, lawyers, professors, etc.

Third, conservative women are far less likely to believe that a corrupt conservative woman could serve as a model for their daughters. We all understand that sometimes we feel compelled to vote for someone we may not admire because the cause is more important than the individual. That is understandable. So, if liberal women were to argue that they support Clinton because they will vote for an unethical Democrat over any Republican, then that would be intellectually honest.

But liberal women do not say that. Instead, they laud Clinton and say that they want a female president as a role model for their daughters.

And that is what is morally troubling about such support of liberal women (and many liberal men as well) for Clinton. Parents who want their daughters to regard Hillary Clinton as a model are telling their daughters that gender solidarity is more important than moral character.

The country will pay a terrible price for this message.

What May Really Be Behind Kaepernick’s Protest



Kaepernick has a Muslim America-hating girlfriend. Rumor has it they are planning a Muslim wedding. Will Kaepernick convert for her? That is the question. His social media posts have taken a definite Muslim turn.

Sports Grid reports:

Remember in 2015 when Colin Kaepernick posted four separate Instagram posts blasting Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim remarks? Kaepernick isn’t a practicing Muslim as far as we know, but that could be changing soon, at least according to one source. says that Kaepernick may be converting to Islam for his girlfriend, radio DJ Nessa.


I’d wait until hearing from Kaepernick himself before I put any money on this … and how messed up would I have to be to bet on Kaepernick becoming Muslim in the first place? That would be a serious gambling addiction right there.

Kaepernick has been active on Twitter the past couple of days, commenting on the police-involved killings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

We are under attack! It’s clear as day! Less than 24 hrs later another body in the street! 

The Federalist Papers chimes in:

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem seemed out of character to many fans who wondered where his sudden “activism” stemmed from. This latest development sheds some light.

Terez Owens, a sports gossip site, reported that Kaepernick’s girlfriend may be the reason behind his behavior:

“As the entire world knows by now, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in Friday’s pre-season game against Green Bay because he was protesting “black oppression” in the United States. We’re now hearing that it was actually his girlfriend Nessa’s idea for Colin to protest. Colin and his girlfriend, Nessa Diab, an MTV DJ, are still planning an Islamic-style wedding. During Ramadan, he posted a greeting on Instagram wishing his friends the best for the holiday: “kaepernick7 I know a lot of people who were fasting during Ramadan, wishing you a Happy Eid!” Nessa has definitely been a game changer for Colin. -TO”

Well, that explains a lot. A quick glance at Kaepernick’s Instagram shows a slew of Black Lives Matter-style, anti-American posts, and his girlfriend is no exception.

Diab posted her support of Cuba, which certainly helps shed light on her and Kaepernick’s ill-educated, anti-American views:

You have to appreciate the “#thoughts” hashtag at the bottom, since clearly anyone that supports a violent dictatorship probably should put some more “thought” into their wildly misguided beliefs.

It is ironic, though, that Kaepernick’s girlfriend supports a country where people truly know oppression from living under the rule of a communist dictatorship. Apparently neither of them know what the word “oppression” means.

It truly is extraordinarily sad to watch people, who have opportunities that people around the world only dream of thanks to the God-given rights protected by this incredible nation, disrespect it so thoroughly.

In fact, this spoiled, misinformed couple not only has opportunities that people around the world only dream of, many people in this country could only dream of being so fortunate — and that goes for people of all races, despite Kaepernick’s race-resentment sentiment.

So much for “oppression” huh?

It’s something you often see in spoiled children, but it’s particularly concerning in adults who have a platform to influence others.

While you certainly don’t need to agree with everything America does — people aren’t perfect, that’s for sure — to not acknowledge all the wonderful things about America that men and women died protecting is not only painfully disrespectful, it’s making the situation worse.

Louisiana Officials Demand That Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving the Flood Without Permission

Here is  a great article by . It shows the pervasiveness of Washington’s control on state and local government and activities. It shows how stringent the federal government regulations have become under Obama.

You want to pack a school lunch for your child? Oh, no, it doesn’t meet federal standards. So the school throws it out – the lunch you packed for your kid. You want to display the American flag. Oh, no, that might be offensive. Offensive to whom? Non-Americans? Whose country is this?  You want to put a fish pond in your back yard. Oh, no, the EPA will fine you because you didn’t apply for a permit and you didn’t set it up according to the 4023 regulations they have for creating a backyard fish pond.


Louisiana Flooding 2


Around the world, governments have recently been issuing an unsettling call for their citizens to become more self-reliant. Just this week, the governments of both Germany and Czechoslovakia warned that people should be  “be prepared for the worst case possible scenario.”

But here in the United States, just the opposite is happening. Our government seems to have an unquenchable thirst for cracking down on those who take responsibility for themselves. There is an abundance of evidence of this in Louisiana.

The southern state has been hit with the worst flooding in over 500 years.

While the final numbers won’t be known for some time, Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office has estimated 60,646 houses were damaged and 30,000 people rescued; other people escaped on their own. FEMA says 109,398 people or households have applied for housing help, and 25,000 National Flood Insurance Program claims have been filed. The American Red Cross called it the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey in 2012.

This massive disaster was all but ignored by the mainstream media, since it didn’t fit the current agenda of divisiveness and racial tension. So what did the folks in Louisiana do?

They rolled up their sleeves and took care of business.

First, the Cajun Navy, a loosely organized group of local fishers, boaters, hunters, and guides, took it upon themselves to being rescuing people trapped by the sudden flood. Initially, the local sheriff’s department was reluctant to accept the assistance, but as they became quickly overwhelmed, they realized that they were disregarding a valuable asset.

Initially, authorities in Livingston Parish didn’t want private citizens headed into the water, worried amateur rescuers might end up in trouble themselves, said Layton Ricks, the parish president. But as the calls from stranded residents continued to mount — at one point, Livingston officials said they were about 150 calls behind — parish officials relented.

“Then it was like, do you have vests? Do you have insurance? Are you truly capable of doing this?” Ricks said. “And as it turned out, we couldn’t have done it without those guys. They were a tremendous asset for our people.”

Locals who were not affected by the flood began cooking and donating food.  Others helped flood victims to begin gutting their homes so they could start to rebuild. This community in the bayou pulled together to show the world that a real emergency response begins at home, undertaken by the very people who were affected. They didn’t wait around bemoaning the lack of FEMA, Red Cross, and government aid. They got to work.

They opened up their own shelters in local businesses that were not affected. They distributed immediate relief to those who were displaced. They performed their own rescues, organized the response, and used social media to coordinate their efforts.

They made just about everyone in America who heard about their efforts feel a wave of pride. In fact, they were so effective at their own free-market local disaster relief that they rendered the government’s assistance all but unnecessary.

Louisiana Flooding 5

And that is when the government said, “Oh, no. We can’t have that.”

Of course, the government doesn’t want citizens to realize that they are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves. If people realize that they can perform independently and that it is much better than performing within the strictures of government regulations, they will be a heck of a lot harder to control.

So, they stepped in and uttered the scariest words ever.

“We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

Like a horde of modern-day carpetbaggers, they began “helping” by forcing people who were struggling to rebuild to purchase permits. That’s right. They forced people to ask for permission for the right to repair their own property.

Considering the daunting expense of rebuilding in itself, those State permission slips may make reconstruction cost-prohibitive for some, while others — given the strict regulations pertaining to the floodplain and more — may not be allowed to rebuild on their own property at all.

“We haven’t suspended any or our requirements for permitting,” Justin Dupuy, building official for Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge, told Reason in an interview. “Before they start making any repairs, they just need to call in and check with us to see what they need.”

Really? These people who are about to undertake a repair have no idea what they need unless they ask the government?

Fortunately, in a small act of grace pointed out by Reason, fees for reconstruction permits have been waived by local officials — though the permits, themselves, are still mandatory, as permission to repair some of the 20,000 flood-ravaged buildings in East Baton Rouge might not be given at all.

How very kind.Louisiana Flooding 1

But that isn’t the worst of it.

They also decided to charge fees to the Cajun Navy before they were “allowed” to continue rescuing people.

I couldn’t make this up.

The Libertarian Republic reported:

No good deed goes unpunished. The Cajun Navy is a group of volunteers that operates at its own expense  to rescue people trapped in flooded areas in Louisiana. They use their own boats. They risk their lives. And now that people have noticed that they are far more effective than government rescue efforts, there are plans to require them to pay a fee before they are allowed to do any good. “Don’t worry. It’s just a small fee,” legislators explain. “Maybe only fifty dollars. That would be worth it to put authority behind the Cajun Navy, wouldn’t it?”

When the Cajun Navy members said, “No thanks” to the government who wanted to train them to do what the government wasn’t even able or willing to do, they were treated like criminals.

That’s right. The government deployed the police to prevent these good Samaritans that we all wish now were our own neighbors from continuing with their efforts.

Louisiana State Senator Jonathan Perry is the engineer of the licensing requirements.

“Perry said that if members of the Cajun Navy continue on without his legislation, they will be stopped by law enforcement officials from rescuing residents past police barricades…

Under current state law, citizens who cross police perimeters are breaking the law and could face punishment.” (Source)

You can be assured he’s doing this for the Cajun Navy guys’ own good. He is trying to “empower” them.

That must also be what the Red Cross is doing when they make it more difficult for good-hearted locals to help.

Beth Yancey Houghton, a local woman who volunteered made the following post on Facebook.

“So as we are headed back home from the River Center in Baton Rouge volunteering our nursing services Dawn and I have come to the conclusion that neither of us WILL EVER volunteer or donate to the RED CROSS. The Red Cross basically takes over the shelters and starts refusing clothes, donations and various volunteer services UNLESS they are previously contracted. So what does that mean….well, 60 boxes of doughnuts were discarded this morning becuase the delivery vendor was not in contract, hot meals were refused becuase the entity providing wasn’t contracted, and medical supplies including medications were trashed for same reason. Clothes that were “donated” needed to be left on the street unless they were “furnished” by Red Cross. As of tomorrow, the shelter we were at will be completely over taken by the Red Cross other than the medical area because they couldnt have the actual room since LSU has a contract with state to provide medical care. Its sad when the military police were helping to “protect” the medical areas from the red cross when there are so many other issues at hand. Anyway, next time to want to donate or volunteer your services, do your homework.”

The Red Cross vehemently denies Houghton’s claim. Except…this:Louisiana Flooding 6

Nancy Malone, a spokeswoman for the American Red Cross, said there’s misinformation being spread around, and people are confusing the Red Cross with their partner organizations. She also said there are liabilities to feeding people food that doesn’t come from certified vendors, which is why some offers to cook hot meals have been turned away.

But she categorically rejected allegations that the Red Cross has thrown away donations.

“If you came today and said you have 5,000 meals to offer, well, we already had food delivered today, let’s find a way to arrange for you to help someone else or come back another day,” Malone said. “It has to be about coordination. We are held accountable to state regulations. This food has to come from a certified kitchen.”

Perhaps, technically, they didn’t throw food away, but turned it away, even though they didn’t have enough meals from “certified kitchens” to feed everyone.

They make it seem like a conspiracy theory that many preparedness enthusiasts plan to avoid government intervention in the aftermath of a disaster. But as you can see in Louisiana, the intervention often takes the form of exerting control in an effort to foster a culture of dependency. The rules, regulations, licenses, and permissions mean that anyone receiving help must be compliant. An article called “You’re Right to Fear Government Intervention During Emergencies” sums it up neatly.

In a crisis, whether a natural disaster that displaces you from your home, war, or TEOTWAWKI, this is exactly how you will be treated by government so-called assistance. Red tape, bureaucrats, nonsensical rules that deny help because of more nonsensical rules. Nothing will come easy. The process will favor a few. Your needs will be met only on occasion and by pure coincidence.

So, while the governments of Europe are actually requesting that their citizens begin prepping for the future, the very idea of self-sufficiency scares the heck out of the United States government.

It’s important to note that their need to make us dependent isn’t only restricted to the aftermath of a disaster. They seem to do everything they can to hobble those of us who even attempt to become even a little bit more self-reliant.

Louisiana Flooding 3

Here are a few examples of the anti-independence stance of our government:

Most burning stoves become illegal

In some states collecting rainwater is illegal

Living off grid is illegal in some states

In some areas, you can’t even camp on your own land

Unfortunately, I could go on and on. Here in the US, we are strongly encouraged to rely on ‘the system’. In the event of a national emergency, our government seems to prefer people to line up and get a government issued MRE than to pull something out of the pantry, share with our neighbors, and calmly go about our business.

If we become too self-reliant, then it becomes obvious we don’t need them or their ridiculous regulations. This is the greatest fear of those in power: our knowledge of their irrelevance.


And maybe that’s the real reason for the complete lack of coverage of the flooding in Louisiana. Not only was the flood a non-story because it doesn’t fit the current narrative of Black vs. White. It doesn’t fit the narrative that we are helpless and in need of the government to save us.

But this isn’t at all true. We are actually incredibly capable of preparing ourselves for life’s disasters and then dealing with them when they occur. (If you aren’t prepped yet, you can go here to put yourself on the path to self-reliance.)

The Cajun people didn’t wait for rescue. They rescued themselves. They proved that they had the wherewithal to take care of the business at hand without Daddy Government swooping in to save the day.

In fact, the only thing the government did for Louisiana was to make their lives more difficult by forcing beleaguered residents to get permission to go about the business of rescuing and rebuilding.

Courtesy of Daisy Luther

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Why Poverty Trap Won’t Be Broken By Leftist Politics

Holly Nicholas explains the poverty trap set by progressives who claim to care for the poor but are in fact hurting them.

It looks like this Canadian native is experiencing the ill effects of Canadian Socialism and the hurt from fraudulent Global Warming policies.

This mirrors the Trump message of what Progressive policies have done to American’s large cities. Democrats have been in control of these cities for the last 50-100 years and their policies have bankrupted and gutted them.

What About The Alt Left?


The Alt Right was an obscure concept until Hillary Clinton vaulted it into the arena of Presidential politics. I doubt Hillary had ever heard of the Alt Right until she had to fashion an attack speech that would be a modern day remake of “the Great Right Wing Conspiracy is out to get me.”

If you can’t debate the issues, then trash your opponent. That is an old debate tactic that has been used and reused many times over. Invent a label and then place under it the most undesirables you can think of and then paste that label on your opponent. It goes well with the racist tag.

As I wrote in 2014:

The Left long ago stopped debating with reason and logic, long ago stopped using facts in their arguments. Today it’s all about trashing your opponent. Ad hominen attacks are the way the Left debates the issues of the day, oftentimes because they cannot counter cogent Conservative arguments. So we on the Right are, as Dennis Prager reminds us, –  “racist,” “bigoted,” “homophobic,” “Islamophobic,” “sexist,” “xenophobic,” “fascist”  and throw in unscientific, misogynist and immoral for good measure.