The Pope Disses Capitalism


Pope Francis



Pope Francis came out recently with a diatribe against “unfettered Capitalism.” We suspect that it is not him talking but some deeply entrenched Socialists in the Vatican. It doesn’t really matter. The way to bring the world’s poor into prosperity is to create a system that provides good paying jobs. It’s not to increase handouts.  It is free market Capitalism that makes good paying jobs and raises the economically disadvantaged into middle class consumers. A free society that allows free trade is essential to prosperity and has been the bulwark of American society until Obama came along with his transformation of America. The formula for success is one part republican free government, one part free market with free trade and one part the rule of law and respect for it and one part allowing risk taking to be rewarded..

Redistributive economics only punishes success. Coupled with full fledged Socialism it destroys upward mobility – the American Dream!  You get equality in outcome which can only be accomplished by bringing down everybody to the lowest common denominator. That way everybody is equally miserable. Socialism is the politics of greed where anyone that is doing better than somebody else is persona non gratia. Greed is one of the Biblical no no’s. I would suggest that the Pope reread his Bible.


Rush is a little more respectful in his comments.

I gotta be very careful.  I have been numerous times to the Vatican.  It wouldn’t exist without tons of money.  But regardless, what this is, somebody has either written this for him or gotten to him.  This is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope.  Unfettered capitalism?  That doesn’t exist anywhere.  Unfettered capitalism is a liberal socialist phrase to describe the United States.  Unfettered, unregulated. 

Folks, in recent weeks I have endeavored to try to make you understand how it is that people like modern-age Democrats look at small business and business at large.  They do not, in the terms of small business, understand how fragile it is.  Their view of business is that people who own them or run them cheat their customers, abuse their employees, hoard all the money, and have tons of it.  They take it and keep it for themselves.  They deny their employees a livable wage.  They deny them health care.  They deny them benefits.  They produce products that kill and maim and sicken, or they produce products that destroy the planet, destroy the environment, or what have you. 

I mean, it’s a litany.  This is their view and it is why they claim that they must take it over and control it, because it’s inherently unfair that a select few capitalists rip everybody off.  Rip off their employees, rip off their customers, and that’s how you have unequal incomes, and this vast gap between wealth and poverty. It’s all because of capitalism.  They claim that as socialists or reformers or progressives, that they are fair and compassionate, and they will make that gap between the wealthy and the poor narrower, and they will make life more equitable, and they will engage in equality of outcomes and so forth, and wherever they’ve tried, they’ve failed. 

Wherever socialists have gained power, they have done nothing but spread poverty.  They cannot and do not produce wealth.  They do not understand it.  All they can do is destroy it.  They are not compassionate; they coerce.  And to hear the pope regurgitating this stuff, I was profoundly disappointed.  The idolatry of money, urging “politicians to ‘attack the structural causes of inequality’ and strive to provide work, health care and education to all citizens.”

What has been happening in this country the past five years?  Exactly what this man claims to want.  We have a president who has attacked the structural causes of inequality, and what’s he done?  He’s raised taxes on the producers and the achievers for the express purpose of redistributing it.  All he’s done is create massive debt.  He has destroyed jobs.  There are 91.5 million Americans not working in America today, 91.5 million not working.  All the while the president, 19 or 20 times, says that he’s doing nothing but focusing on creating jobs, but he can’t.  No government can create jobs, not in the private sector.  All they can do is hamper job creation. 

Now, if government wants to deregulate and get out of the way, then job creation will take place.  What is capitalism?  The value of anything is established in the private sector.  That’s where the value of money is established.  That’s where the value of work is established.  The value of whatever it is you want to buy or trade, the private sector, capitalism, is where that value is established, not by government proclaiming it. 

The pope “also called on rich people to share their wealth.”  We were just talking about the charitable donations and contributions that existed in this country, and they are profound.  The United States is near the top of the list in the world of charitable countries, but even with all the charity, and it is tremendous, it cannot compete with capitalism in elevating people out of poverty.  There is nothing the world has ever devised that has elevated more people out of poverty than capitalism. 

Look at the United States.  How can you deny, how can anybody objectively analyzing and looking, deny the United States became a superpower.  In less than 250 years, the United States became a military, economic superpower devoted to the concepts of freedom here and everywhere else around the world.  We were the defenders of freedom.  Our own and others.  In less than 250 years, a nation of, for the most part fewer than 300 million people, produced an economy that created the highest standard of living the world has ever known. We fed the world, produced so much food, more than we ever needed ourselves. We were able to feed the world, and after doing all of that, we were able to provide disaster relief for anywhere else in the world that it occurred, where it was accepted. 

There’s been nothing like the United States, ever, in world history.  Nothing.  And certainly not for this length of time, nothing even compares.  It goes back to what I’ve always talked about in regards to American exceptionalism.  What made this possible was our founding documents enshrining the notion that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, meaning nobody can take ’em away, and that is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Those rights come from our creator, God.  They are part of our natural existence.  We are born that way. 

We are not granted these rights by a government or by a king or by a president.  The only thing that can happen to those rights is when people try to take them away or usurp them, which is what has been happening in this country since the day it was founded because there are always people who oppose free societies.  A free society can’t be controlled.  A free society can’t be dominated.  It’s very, very hard to pilfer and steal from a free society.  The United States and an honest, objective look at its history, is all the proof you need to see the absolute benefits of capitalism.  That’s what we were.  That’s how we were founded.  There’s nowhere in the world approaching the standard of living that we’ve had. 

Now, it’s true that leftists (identified as Democrats in this country) disagree.  They think that standard of living is unjust and immoral, because not everybody has experienced it.  But our country is such that the opportunity is there for everybody.  No two people are the same.  No two sets of opportunities are the same.  Some people do have advantages over others.  Like the Kennedys, for example, and other wealthy families. 

But they had to become wealthy in the first place.  Somewhere in every family’s history is somebody who earned it.  So granted you can be born into a specific family and have your wheels greased more than others, but it doesn’t impugn the system.  It doesn’t impugn capitalism.  Because there isn’t anything that approaches it.  There’s nothing that gets even close to it.  Socialism does not eliminate poverty, does not lift people out of poverty.

Socialism does not create free people and societies, and it does not preside over massive charitable giving and compassion.  Socialism, Marxism constrain people, limits people, prevents people from realizing their potential as human beings.  The United States of America and its genuine exceptionalism has allowed people to reach the pinnacle of their ability combined with their ambition and desire. 

It’s pretty much the one spot in the world, although there are a couple other societies that are free that have had had similar characteristics and opportunities, but not formally enshrined as have ours been.  This is a country where your dream can come true.  You can make your dream come true.  It’s not gonna be easy.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  But it can come true.  Most of the people in the world, their dreams are nothing but that. 

They start as dreams, and they end as dreams, and that’s why people around the world have sought to come here.  So reading what the pope’s written about this is really befuddling because he’s totally wrong — I mean, dramatically, embarrassingly, puzzlingly wrong.  Here’s another excerpt.  “Pope Francis said that trickle-down policy…” We hear about trickle-down policies?  “Pope Francis said that trickle-down policies have not proven to work.”

Oh, but they have.  It’s exactly what Obama is trying to create, in fact, although he wouldn’t dare call it that.  When you hear Obama talking about job creation and people going to work and roads and bridges being — what the hell is it but trickle-down?  The left has defined trickle-down as the rich are compassionate and give people things.  And when that doesn’t happen, they say that trickle-down doesn’t work.  The left has bastardized terms and definitions to the point that trickle-down’s become a dirty word. 

Trickle-down is human nature!  Trickle-down is exactly what happens when you engage in economic activity.  You spend money and it trickles down to everybody you spend it with, and then it trickles down to everybody they end up interacting with economically.  Trickle-down is precisely what happens.  But the left has defined trickle-down as the rich are supposed to give the money that they don’t need away to people. 

They’re supposed to give products away, or they’re supposed to give their employees massive raises that are not based on productivity.  Or they’re supposed to give them health care — and when the rich don’t do that, that is an indictment of the rich and that is an indictment of capitalism, and they say, “See? It doesn’t work, because the rich don’t share. The rich hoard, and they abuse, and they impugn, and they take advantage of, and they steal!”

It’s gotten to the point now that many people have been told that the rich got rich by stealing money from the poor, and I’ve never understood the mathematics of that.  If trickle-down economics doesn’t work, why is Obama’s Federal Reserve pumping $85 billion would it be into the stock market every month? What’s supposed to happen to it if it doesn’t trickle somewhere?  Trickle-down is the magic, and yet here’s Pope Francis saying that “trickle-down policies have not been proven to work and they reflect a ‘naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power.'”  (1)

Marc E. Fitch at American Thinker adds his comments:

Here is a little lesson for the left: collectivism is possible and effective only on a voluntary basis within the context of a free society. The left’s historical and oft-repeated sin is to make collectivism mandatory. The problem is that charity, once compelled, is no longer charity, and a collectivist project is not peaceful if it compels the rest of society to “donate” at the end of a gun. The left appears not to have confidence in their fellow individuals as charitable and compassionate beings capable generosity and, indeed, sometimes miraculous outpourings of goodwill.

The left would do well to learn. As taxes increase and entitlements increase, charitable giving decreases. The left also works to crowd out traditional bastions of charity such as the church and replace them with forced giving through government taxation. But this is not charity. This is not compassion.

The other half of the puzzle of charity and compassion is its religious context. They are virtues of the godly person, someone seeking to better mankind as a form of God’s work on Earth. However, that work is eliminated through forced giving. No longer is it an act of free will in the hopes of doing God’s work (or, if you’re an atheist, a work that will enable the betterment of mankind as a whole). Forced giving becomes, instead, a source of anger, frustration, and humiliation. The “charity” and “compassion” is not made out of love, goodness, or any hope of mankind’s betterment and therefore becomes its complete opposite. The political left’s consistent and successful push to purge religion from society through the imposition of rules and regulations that violate religious beliefs means that this bastion of charity and its reasons for charitable giving are also being quickly purged from the social body. As the left eliminates the freedom of religious institutions, they fill the void with more government and forced giving. They are actually eliminating the very qualities they hope to engender in society.

The act of forced giving through taxes and various other forms of social welfare does the opposite of its stated goal, which is to help people out of a difficult place. One of those reasons is the nature of the welfare: if I willingly help my neighbor because it’s the right thing to do and I want to do it, we are both made better by the experience. If I am forced to hand over money to my neighbor, I not only become bitter at my loss of personal choice, freedom, and capital, but it is also a form of humiliation for my neighbor. The act of forced giving tells the receiver that “people are not willing to help you out of the goodness of their hearts or because you are a part of the community, so we will make them help you.” It ostracizes the recipient from the community.(2)

(1) It’s Sad How Wrong Pope Francis Is (Unless It’s a Deliberate Mistranslation By Leftists), Rush Limbaugh –

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