Global Warmists Stuck In Ice That Didn’t Melt

A Global Warming Expedition sets out for the Antarctic to see for themselves that Global Warming – er excuse me, Climate Change – is melting the ice. Here is confirmation of the Lexington Libertarian’s assertion that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a religion. The data that ice is actually thicker and has increased in recent years is readily available for those who would use reason, logic and experience before embarking on a wild goose chase. BUT OH NO, not these folks. They have swallowed the Global Warming Kool Aid. They are true believers totally convinced of their righteousness because they accept their theory on faith. Their leader still maintains that the polar ice is melting. HA, HA!

FOX News has the report:

Antarctica Icebound Ship

The leader of a scientific expedition whose ship remains stranded in Antarctic ice says the team, which set out to prove climate change, is “stuck in our own experiment.”

But Chris Turney, a professor of climate change at Australia’s University of New South Wales, said it was “silly” to suggest he and 73 others aboard the MV Akademic Shokalskiy were trapped in ice they’d sought to prove had melted. He remained adamant that sea ice is melting, even as the boat remained trapped in frozen seas.

But the situation has global warming skeptics poking fun at the scientists.

“Cute how these Warmists who hate fossil fuels take a trip to the Antarctic to show just how horrible fossil-fueled climate change is, then need rescue from their fossil-fueled trip by other fossil-fueled ships and helicopters, which still can’t rescue them,” wrote one blogger on Pirate’s Cove.

The website Newsbusters said much of the media has bent over backward to avoid linking the ship’s current fate with its mission.

“Somewhere far, far to the south where it is summer, a group of global warming scientists are trapped in the Antarctic ice,” read a post on the site. “If you missed the irony of that situation, it is because much of the mainstream media has glossed over that rather inconvenient bit of hilarity.”

So far, ice breakers have been unable to get closer than 10 miles from the stranded ship, which is surrounded by ice up to 10 feet thick. Stuck since Christmas Eve, it is about 100 nautical miles east of the French base Dumont D’Urville, and about 1,500 nautical miles south of Brisbane.

Turney‘s team is studying climate change, as well as how wildlife is adapting to it.

‘Stuck in our own experiment’: Leader of trapped team insists polar ice is melting

By Paul Tilsley, FOX News –


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