California Code Enforcers Destroying Homes

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The first thing to do when you look at this story is to watch the videos. Here you will find government run amuck.

It has always been a general policy or understanding that structures, utilities and land use used by a homeowner are grandfathered if they were built or started before the code was changed. If you remodeled your house or built a new one or even added a free standing garage you would then have to conform to the updated code.

But that’s not the case with these rural California residents many of who are entirely self sufficient. The government is using the excuse of complaints by neighbors but most of those cited have no neighbors. One man said look around my house 360 degrees. No matter where you look there are no neighbors within 10 miles of me. So who are these neighbors that are complaining?

The government is using a one complaint fits all, a predetermined excuse without fact, to raid homeowner’s properties and force them to tear down their structures – and they do this all while proclaiming we are just here to help you. And they are using special para-military vehicles equipped with SWAT teams to enforce their edicts.

Nuisance Abatement Vehicle


Their properties should be grandfathered and the code enforced on new undertakings . Government should not enforce new code on old dwellings that were built long before the code was written.

You could go into a big city – even the suburbs – and find houses with knob and tube wiring, lead water pipes, stairs doorways and other components that do not meet current code. Is government going to go to these homeowners and order them to destroy their structures? I think not. Then why are these rural homeowners being picked on?

knob and tube wiring


There is an ulterior motive here that government is not admitting. But whatever they are trying to do they are doing it unconstitutionally.

It is not better on the federal level where government is telling us what type of toilets and light bulbs we can use inside our houses. The EPA is contemplating further draconian regulations such as requiring every appliance in every home to meet a certain energy efficiency and even to have the government operate your thermostat.

All these ideas, regulations and changes in code smack of a society ruled by a bureaucracy where individuals must go through a maze of rules to just exist. It also is a reflection of the attitude that we must be ruled by an elitist cadre of know-it-alls who know what is better for us than we do ourselves.

This type of thinking and rule making will persist until we change Administrations and leave the nanny-state  —  super-state  — mentality. The American people do not need to be micro-managed nor do they even want this style of leadership. Individual freedom and conformance to the US Constitution is the bulwark of our society. We need to get back to that and throw these elitists out on their keisters!

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