Katrina Pierson, a Principled Conservative

Lexington Libertarian

Katrina-Pierson-US-Congress Here is a great new article on Katrina Pierson running for Congress in Texas’ 32 nd District. She would be the Lexington Libertarian’s Congresswoman and I am actively working and supporting her. Pierson is a bold, bright star on the horizon. Nobody thought Ted Cruz could win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Texas. Look where he is today! The Lexington Libertarian predicts that Pierson will win this race because she represents the positions of the members of her District unlike Pete Sessions who has allowed himself to disintegrate into a RINO. For those of us who want to take America back from the Liberal/Left  transformation of this great nation, she is one answer to accomplishing that goal.

Americans today think of the War for Independence as an American Revolution against the British Empire, but in many aspects it was also a civil war. Why? Because American loyalists, or…

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