Republicans Refuse To Play Hard Ball

We, all of us, let Obama get away with it – that is governing illegally by Executive Order. Once  he got away with it he proceeded to expand his use and scope of Executive Orders. If we had stopped him in the beginning he would have been stymied.

The House is Republican and could have withheld funding of any illegal operations. Individual Republicans could have brought the President into court to stop his unconstitutional behavior and fought it all the way to the Supreme Court. Republicans could have refused to increase the debt ceiling until the President rescinded his illegal Executive Orders.

But Republicans are pussy cats. Democrats are the only ones who are willing to play hard ball in today’s society.

Take Obamacare. We all knew that this was a badly crafted law, that it wouldn’t work. Knowing that Republicans should have insisted that Obama implement the original law in its entirety. No deletions, changes, corrections or modifications should have been allowed unless they were performed by Congress. Then this law would have collapsed under its own ineptitude.

Instead every time Obamacare develops an unworkable problem we allow the President to get away with changing the law or deleting that which is a problem.

Republicans are not prepared to govern. They rolled over without a whimper on the latest raising of the debt limit. They have no alternative healthcare insurance law waiting in the wings to replace Obamacare. Republicans will not play hard ball. If you give Republicans power they squander it. They go along to get along a

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