Put On Your Big Boy Pants Mr. President

TWO YEARS AGO South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said this about the Middle East:

It’s about to explode. The American disengagement, lack of leadership, and leading from behind is leading to uncertainty and doubt on all fronts. … There is no substitute for leadership by the United States and every group within the region is uncertain about who we are and what we believe.”

Barack Obama’s trip to Europe last week for D-Day’s 70th anniversary provided yet another manifestation of his failed leadership.

Ronald Reagan’s memorable 1984 visit to Normandy stands in sharp contrast. Reagan came as the free world’s unquestioned leader, locked in mortal struggle against global Communism, whereas Obama is a smaller-than-life figure — weak, indecisive and now sinking under the Bergdahl prisoner-swap controversy. Our NATO alliance lies in disarray. Russian belligerence is growing. And Obama seems increasingly detached. There is one other difference: Reagan’s D-Day speech will long be remembered, Obama’s quickly forgotten. (1)


Yesterday I ran across a great article written by Mitt Romney about America’s standing and leadership in the world.  Romney’s opinion is that our country’s reputation across the globe has spiraled downward in the last five years.  He says the primary reason for the decline in standing is a lack of leadership by President Obama and his administration.  Romney cites several instances where, had Obama intervened in world affairs quicker and more decisively, our national reputation and more importantly, our men and women in uniform, could have been spared.

I can’t help but agree.  Romney wrote that, “it is hard to name even a single country that has more respect and admiration for American today than when President Obama took office…”  How true.  What really rankles me is thinking back to candidate Obama bashing then President GW Bush’s “cowboy diplomacy” and promising to improve our reputation throughout the globe by listening more to our allies and enemies.  Barack Obama promised us that if we gave him the reigns of our nation, the world would stop hating us and would fawn and oogle our citizenry for being so wise and open-minded to elect him.

I ask my liberal friends… has that happened?  As Romney points out, the Middle East isn’t any better – it’s actually a worsening quagmire that threatens our shores again.  Russia has moved from a developing ally to an annoyance and potential full-blown enemy.  At least with President Bush, while we weren’t liked, we were respected… and when need be, feared.  Our national interests were clearly and consistently defined and defended.  Today, our President looks lost and amateurish.

However, if I’m honest, I’m not too terribly concerned with what the world thinks of us.  What I am concerned about is the downstream repercussions that come from such weakness.  His abdication of leadership on the world stage will have consequences; consequences for future generations, consequences for future men and women of our armed forces, consequences for the oppressed across the globe who can usually count on America to come to their defense and rescue.

What Romney didn’t tackle in his article was the reason Obama hasn’t led.  I believe it’s because Barack Obama, at his core, believes that the US is an evil and corrupt, colonial occupying power.  And he feels that we shouldn’t be the world’s only super power.  I think he believes that we deserve to be taken down a peg and that the rest of the world should be on equal footing.   Look at his domestic policy and one can certainly draw the same conclusion.  Take from the powerful and wealthy and redistribute to the downtrodden and poor.  For the last five years, he’s been carrying out his philosophy on a global scale; of that, one can be certain.  The only question that remains is, how much damage he will cause our nation and the world, and how long it will take to undue his legacy. (2)


“Obama loves the idea of being President but he can’t make a decision.” – Col. Ralph Peters


I might have said it a little differently.  Obama loves the idea of being President and the trappings and perks.  What he doesn’t like is the job.

I think that should be abundantly clear to anyone who has closely observed the man and taken a look at his background.  I always remember the words of the managing editor of the Harvard Law Review who said that Obama loved the title of Editor of the Law Review, but he didn’t want to do the work.  The managing editor said he rarely saw him except when it was to glad hand or take credit (and praise) for what was being done.  Additionally, Obama never wrote a thing for the review during his tenure, something almost unheard of.

In all cases, his problems are leadership problems.  He’s simply not a leader.  He has no idea how to be a leader.  But that doesn’t keep him from wanting leadership roles that offer him prestige, perks and pleasure derived from simply from being in the position.

The reason Obama can’t make a decision is he can’t reason like a leader must.  He has no experience.  And he doesn’t understand the decision making process as practiced by a leader.  He’s never really had to make leadership decisions. So he simply tries to avoid making them.  One way he does it is to ignore the problem.  Another way he does this is to appoint commissions and panels concerning problems the country faces in order to defer the problem (and decision).  He also like to defer to the “international community” on foreign policy or the Democratic leadership in the legislature on domestic things.  Again, the avoidance of decision making.

And, in the end, he lets them make the decisions for him and then he jumps on the bandwagon with a speech full of rhetoric about how they (whichever party he is deferring to on whatever issue) have listened to him and decided on a course much like he recommended.  Or something like that. (3)

Maybe in the next Presidential election the American people will elect somebody that has executive experience rather than a person like Obama who never even ran a lemonade stand.



Opinion: Obama’s Lack of Leadership Reverberates in Europe




(2) Crowdedhours – http://crowdedhours.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/obama-and-a-lack-of-leadership/



Obama’s incredible lack of leadership

POSTED AT 4:00 PM ON MARCH 12, 2011 BY BRUCE MCQUAIN – http://hotair.com/archives/2011/03/12/obamas-incredible-lack-of-leadership/

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