Just recently Secretary of State was caught with a hot mic frustratedly saying:

“It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation, it’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there. Thank you, John. I think John, we ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.”

This was an obvious sarcastic remark meant to severely rebuke Israel for fighting back. They should show restraint when all these missiles come flying in, don’t you know.


Earlier we reported here:


Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement that Israel that Israel could become an apartheid state unless it submits to Palestinian demands once again points out the virulent Anti Semitism of the Obama Administration.

We can go back to the Anti Semitism of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s Pastor for 20 years (see the last video at the end of this article), we can point to Obama’s call for Israel to go back to its 1967 borders or his calling Netanyahu a liar and his subsequent White House snub or the Israeli Prime Minister or we can point out the numerous Obama Advisors who hate Jews, as examples of the Obama Administration’s Anti Semitism.

Of course this is not just Obama’s prejudice, it runs rampant throughout the hard Left.

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, has long and deep ties with the enemies of America and Israel. This is what Dick Morris, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, and his wife, Eileen McGann, wrote last year:

“[Hillary’s] relationship with terrorists began in the mid-1980s when she served on the Board of the New World Foundation, which gave funds to the Palestine Liberation Organization [when] the PLO was officially recognized by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization. In 1996, the First Lady initiated an outreach program to bring Muslim leaders to the White House. But, as terrorism expert Steve Emerson noted in the Wall Street Journal, ‘Curiously, nearly all of the leaders…came from Islamic fundamentalist organizations … Among these radical groups was the American Muslim Alliance (AMA) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, both groups that support Hamas…The Palestinian terrorists know that Hillary hears their point of view … Abu Hamed, leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades in Gaza, [said], ‘We just hope that she will go until the end and change American policy.”

Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has advocated ending all U.S. military aid to Israel. Ed Lasky at writes that “Rice was John Kerry’s chief foreign policy adviser when he ran for President. One of the major steps Kerry suggested for dealing with the Middle East was to appoint James Baker and Jimmy Carter as negotiators. When furor erupted at the prospect of two of the most ardent foes of Israel being suggested to basically ride ‘roughshod’ over Israel, Kerry backtracked and blamed his staff for the idea. His staff was Susan Rice.”

Lee Hamilton, as Mr. Lasky writes, is a key Obama adviser on Middle Eastern affairs. A former Indiana representative, Mr. Hamilton led the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group, which concluded, among other things, that the withdrawal of troops from Iraq should be coordinated with Syria and Iran! And that the U.S. should develop Syrian “goodwill” by pressuring Israel to surrender the Golan Heights and leave the West Bank — but not a word about dismantling Hamas or Hezbollah! Mr. Hamilton wrote in the New York Times that Hezbollah’s “hatred was created by Israel; it wasn’t there at the beginning.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Mr. Carter’s National Security adviser, has been one of Israel’s most consistently hostile critics and Hamas’ most ardent supporters, as well as a staunch admirer (both in writing and verbally) of Stephen Walt’s and John Mearsheimer’s virulently anti-Israel book, The Israel Lobby, which, among other things, contends that Jewish pressure, and not shared values, binds America and Israel together.

James (“F… the Jews”) Baker, among the harshest detractors of Israel, has often engaged in raw anti-Semitic remarks, is known for coddling Middle East dictators (including Syria’s Assad), and has been heavily invested (through the Carlyle Group) in the Israel-hating country of Saudi Arabia. In fact, Mr. Baker’s law firm defended the Saudi Defense Minister who was sued for alleged complicity by the families of the World Trade Center victims.

Samantha Power, now on Mr. Obama’s National Security Council, has advocated ending all U.S. military aid to Israel and written of her willingness to “alienate a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import [American Jews] … it may more crucially mean sacrificing … billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the state of Palestine.”

Robert Malley is another fan of Hamas and Hezbollah. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Malley is the son of Simon Malley, an Egyptian-born Jewish journalist, and Barbara Silverstein, a New Yorker who worked for the U.N. delegation of the Algerian National Liberation Front. Both loathed Israel and apparently passed their toxic DNA onto their son. Mr. Malley has often called for an end to all aid to Israel.

Dennis Ross, Mr. Obama’s special adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia, which includes Iran, participated in 12 years of failed Israeli-Palestinian “peace” efforts. In 2001, he suggested that future negotiations ought to be based on “something the parties have put on the table, and not [what] the United States has put on the table.” Translated today, that would mean listening to the 22 hostile states that surround Israel and saying “majority rules!”

George Soros, the Budapest-born multibillionaire (and Nazi collaborator) has devoted his entire life, as writer Srdja Trifkovic points out, to supporting “increased government spending and tax increases, drug legalization, euthanasia, open borders and immigration, immigrant entitlements, feminism, free abortion-on-demand, affirmative action, and gay rights” and “remains primarily committed to destroying the remaining bastions of the family, sovereign nationhood, and Christian Faith …” He is also devoted to vilifying Israel and funding numerous groups that work unstintingly to bring about its destruction.

Again, this is the short list. But the entire list of Obama “advisers” on Middle East affairs is comprised of hard-core leftists who want nothing more than to see America humiliated and Israel destroyed. As Mr. Lasky has said, “This is the company Barack Obama keeps.”  


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