Grubergate Media Blackout


While Gruber and company were spreading lie after lie about Obamacare those that didn’t see the math adding up were silenced for DISRESPECTING THE PRESIDENT.

There has been an obvious media bias Leftward. Yet there are many who can’t see it and who say – SHOW ME. OK here you go. Melissa Francis was silenced by CNBC.

It’s not just what is said but it is what is NOT  said. It’s stories that are not reported. The bias is accomplished by what stories the media picks to air and what stories it does not, what headlines are on the front page of the newspaper and what are not.

YOU WANT ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF LEFT MEDIA BIAS YOU SAY?  Well put this in your pipe and smoke it. We have seen these Gruber videos one right after another – Gruber video #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 but the only place you can see them is on FOX News or on the Internet. Traditional media outlets will not report the story. They just won’t. It might be disrespecting the Messiah, er excuse me – the President!

All this emanates from the Liberal/Left “holier than thou” attitude. The Left’s vision is the one and only true one. Dissenters are heretics. Their views out of bounds, off the wall, out of the mainstream and therefore do not deserve to be reported.  We Conservative believers are CULTS, we are the “Moonies,” the Hare Krishna’s of politics. As such we do not deserve a platform to spew our hatred. That’s what the Liberal/Left thinks.

And even more than that – Conservative dissenting thought needs to be eradicated says the Left. That’s why Lois Lerner and the IRS in cahoots with Eric Holder and the DOJ on orders from the White House harassed and squashed Conservative, Christian, and Tea Party groups. Conservatives have to be silenced, muzzled says the Left. Their discourse is not in the realm of acceptable thought – IT’S HATE SPEECH, they say.

Just one more reason not to invest your government with the ability to control thought and free speech. – The Lexington Libertarian

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