Republicans Secretly Want Obama’s Amnesty

A significant portion of the Republican Party wants amnesty. Until Conservative Republicans replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House with one of their own and elect leadership that wants to actually oppose Obama then what we get with Republicans is Democrat Lite. Isn’t that what an opposition Party is supposed to do – OPPOSE? . Right now the Liberal/Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party is in control of it, but the majority of the Party, its Legislators, its Party workers and its voters, are from the Goldwater/Reagan wing of the Party. Sooner or later, if the Conservatives continue to be shut out of leadership positions, there will be the danger of a split off Third Party – Conservatives will walk out. If the Republican Party does not nominate a Conservative in 2016 not only will it lose but it will never have another opportunity to thwart the Democrat plan of having the entire world invade the United States at taxpayer expense and turn this once great nation into just another Third World Banana Republic. No more Presidential nominees the likes of Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, ALL LOSERS! No more tired old RINOs.

A young, Texas,  articulate, Conservative Republican activist, whom I have personally campaigned for, was quoted on Brietbart:  Katrina Pierson



Katrina-Pierson-US-Congress“Americans voted against the outrageous governance of the Obama administration Democrats, [but] the CRomnibus bill is an offensive trillion dollar bill that is yet another example of how government is failing the American public.”

Frustrated, Pierson has been disappointed but not surprised to see so little “backbone” by Republicans.  Even though Democrats hold control until next year, “the time is now and the place is Washington DC regardless of which party is in control,” said Pierson, but Congressional Republicans are not even making “the case for more responsible government and in normal order.”

We need to place people like Pierson in positions of power and get rid of the “good old boys.” Now is the time.

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