Why Is The Middle Class So Desperate For Help After Six Years of Obamanomics?



The President’s call for higher taxes on the rich in order to give a pittance back to the Middle Class is a bait and switch tactic. He is playing Robin Hood in the White House while at the same time inciting deep divisions in American society by promulgating his class warfare rhetoric. And he is doing so with the knowledge that there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that Republicans will actually pass such legislation.

It’s bait and switch because it is an excuse to increase government spending under the guise of helping one segment of society. But the help is not necessarily going across the board. It is targeted to certain constituencies. Free Community College only helps those Middle Class Americans who have children, of college age and who want to go to a Community College. Its design is to build Democrat loyalty among American youth. This is the Democrat game plan – to incite envy and encourage greed among certain segments of the population and then to assuage that envy and greed by government force, the confiscation of wealth from those who have worked hard to be successful.

We have already seen in the article BUSINESS FAILURES NOW OUTNUMBER BUSINESS STARTUPS – https://lexingtonlibertarian.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/business-failures-now-outnumber-business-startups/ –  that Obama is responsible for greater income inequality with the decrease in Middle Class economic well being. So now that he has orchestrated a Middle Class decline he wants to build it back up. But he wants the government to do it. That’s what Democrat Socialists are all about – the government must have total control to micro manage the economy so that outcomes match their vision of fairness. In the process of implementing their class warfare they are driving entrepreneurs, job creators right out of the country. This is the same process we have seen in some states that have enacted millionaire taxes – like California, Illinois, New York, Maryland and others. Those successful job creators then just fled those states into the welcoming arms of Tennessee, Florida, Texas, North Dakota and others.

There is another way and better way to help the Middle Class that is hurting because of government Socialist, fairness polices, and it’s not more government. It is the creation of a climate, a tax structure, a regulation structure that spurs private sector economic growth and produces more high paying jobs. But when you remove wealth and capital from the private market into the hands of the public sector you depress economic activity and reduce prosperity and the standard of living of producers and workers. This is the lesson that China has learned and Cuba has not.

After six years of Obama being in charge why is the Middle Class desperate for help? Isn’t that the Commander-in-Chief admitting he has a failed Presidency?

Rush has some telling comments to add:


“Administration officials said on Saturday the president would propose higher capital gains taxes…” Yeah? How’s that gonna help anybody in the middle class?  “[N]ew fees on large financial firms”?  They’re not gonna help anybody in the middle class.  “[A]nd other measures to raise $320 billion for programs and tax breaks aimed at the middle class.” Somebody explain to me: What “program” has anybody in the middle class become a member of the upper middle class by utilizing?

This is what insults me.  Government programs do not make a career.  Government programs do not improve your standard of living. Sitting around and waiting for government to tax people that you think have too much money and getting all happy when you think they’re harmed, and then sitting around for whatever Obama decides to redistribute to you? That’s called “growing the middle class”?  Sorry, it’s insulting.  It’s not how you grow anything.

It’s how you create voters and dependency and you destroy people’s lives, actually, by taking away from them their dignity and their humanity and their self-confidence and everything else.  You create a bunch of people — as many as you can — sitting around, waiting for a benefit from government here, a benefit from government there, access to a new program over here. That doesn’t lift the middle class up.  It lifts the Democrat Party up.  It doesn’t lift people.  It doesn’t lift the middle class at all.

This has never worked.

This is what really grates me.

For thousands of years, as often as it’s been tried, socialism is a miserable failure. And here we’re gonna sit through an hour and however many minutes listening to yet another presentation on how wonderful it is, how filled with compassion it is, how it’s the only thing that’s fair and all of that rotgut. And it’s a failure! It does not work; it does not improve people’s standard of living.  There’s no way government taking money out of the private sector can improve standards of living.

The only thing that grows after Obama works this magic is the government.

Now, for government to get bigger, ’cause it doesn’t produce anything, it doesn’t make anything, for government to get bigger, it has to take away from the free enterprise economy.  Now, you tell me how in the world there can be growth for anybody in the free enterprise economy when the government continues to take things out of it?  Health care, one-sixth of it’s now gone, just in health care alone.  But every program that raises taxes and takes money out of the pockets of people that work or people that run businesses makes the free enterprise economy shrink.

And as the total economic output of this country becomes dominated more and more, or a percentage of it is taken greater and greater by the government, then the economy cannot possibly be growing, and people in it cannot experience the kind of wild upswings that we’ve known in the past.  So Obama, while daily chipping away at the free enterprise economy and growing the government is telling everybody that this is how you raise the middle class, this is how you elevate the middle class, by taking money away from them?  Don’t kid yourself.  Raising taxes on the rich with the so-called — you talk about trickle-down, you talk about trickle-down never works, raising taxes on the rich and somehow government’s gonna give that money back to the middle class and everybody, how — it’s never happened that way.

The whole thing is so bogus, and everybody should know it by now.  Obama should be a laughingstock proposing this stuff.  I guess that’s what’s really frustrates me, that it still works.  And I know why it works.  It’s an emotional pitch. People have been conditioned to be happy when they think people that have more money than they do are suffering or being targeted and what have you.  It’s despicable stuff, these people on the left have done.

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