The Biggest Terrorist Threat To America Is Right Wing Extremists

REALLY!  So how many Right Wing Extremists do you think there are in the United States.? According to Obama all who oppose him. But I can’t think of any Right Wing Extremists who have hijacked airplanes and crashed them into tall buildings killing thousands. Nor can I think of any Right Wing Extremists who have beheaded anybody.

This is a bait and switch move by Obama to relieve him from the responsibility he shirks, protecting the United States from its enemies.

My problem is that out there in the world, at a bare minimum, are 200 million Radical Islamist Extremists and an even larger number who desire to impose Sharia Law on everybody. How may Right Wing Extremists are there really in the United States? Maybe 100, 200 at the most. Come on now give me a break.

I’ve got to think that rational people are not laughing at the President’s thought here.


The Inquisitr

A right-wing terror threat is more dangerous to Americans than radical Islamists, a controversial new report leaked from the Department of Homeland Security revealed.

The report, circulated this month by DHS, found that domestic terror attacks from extremist right-wing groups poses the biggest threat to Americans than foreign terrorists. Some federal and local law enforcement groups even see this right-wing terror threat as a greater concern than high-profile groups like ISIS, CNN noted.

The Homeland Security report cited 24 sovereign citizen attacks in the last five years.

The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks these right-wing terrorist attacks, dating back to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.

The right-wing terror threats include a 2011 arrest of six members of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia, an anti-government group that planned to kidnap or kill state troopers. The list also included the June 8, 2014, attack on two police officers in Las Vegas by Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda. The couple were part of an anti-government movement, and they left a note at the scene saying they wanted to start a “revolution.”

The latest right-wing terror threat will likely focus on law enforcement, the report noted: “(Sovereign citizen) violence during 2015 will occur most frequently during routine law enforcement encounters at a suspect’s home, during enforcement stops and at government offices.”

The report on the right-wing terror threat stirred controversy, including among those who felt the Obama administration was taking these rejecting the idea that the West is at war with radical Islam.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an expert on counterterrorism, said on Fox and Friends Weekend that he “couldn’t recall an instance in the last 20 years when right-wing extremists flew jumbo jets into buildings, set off bombs at a marathon or beheaded 21 Christian hostages.”

“It really is the most egregious politicization of national security,” Gorka stated. “We’re going to be looking for right-wing extremists when ISIS prepares to attack us? It’s outrageous.”

“We have tens of thousands of people in the Middle East and elsewhere and here in America who have committed themselves to the destruction of this great nation. And we’re going to be focusing on the small cluster of right-wingers here in the United States?” Gorka said. “This could endanger American lives.”

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