Obamanet Reveals It Will Police Content On The Internet And Google to Filter Search Results by “Fact”


Obama’s power grab of the Internet was not about speed of service, it was about controlling the content of the Internet, so he could muzzle his opposition. Have we seen the 300+ regulation papers published yet? The way Google is changing its search results foretells what the Administration is up to. It will classify searches by fact, that is what the regulators think is factual. And what, in their opinion is not real or true they will not show in a search result. So if I search “Rush Limbaugh,” sometime in the future when they get this all set up, what I will get is hundreds of anti Rush stories but none that are favorable – because Rush does not tell the truth, all his stuff is lies and non factual. Do you get it yet?

Just as in the case of the Internet, Obama’s seizure of the American healthcare system was not about providing better and more inclusive healthcare, it was about adding power to the government. More control translates into more power. If we wanted to insured the uninsured we could have provided every uninsured person with an insurance voucher paid for by the government and left everybody else alone, and gotten out of the reform at half the cost.

In the last two years where Obama does not ever have to answer to the voters again, watch for more government seizures of private interests.


Rush has the story for us:

By the way, folks, just as I predicted, a bunch of liberals, a bunch of leftists have started learning what is in net neutrality, and they are unhappy. The Wall Street Journal has a headline: “Liberals Mugged by Obamanet — Buyer’s remorse is already setting in for Google and other ‘net neutrality’ proponents.” You know what the one thing that none of these people ever figured on? None of them, none of these leftists ever dreamed Obama would do what they have now discovered is part of net neutrality.

That is: The Regime is going to regulate content.

They all thought the Regime was simply gonna punish the ISPs (the Internet Service Providers) and the telecoms for all of the throttling or for fast-lane preference to the highest-paying customers, and freezing out the little guy trying to stream whatever perversion he’s watching on Netflix tonight. Instead the Regime is going to regular content. Exactly as I, El Rushbo, predicted to you.

Speaking of Google, have you seen what they want to do with their search results now?  Google search results now return the most popular results.  Like if you go out and search “perversion and depravity in Hollywood,” just to pick a subject — or, in other words, House of Cards. If you go search that, you’ll get a list of articles based on how many clicks those articles have received.  So the Google search results have nothing to do with content, per se.

I think they do.  The Google guys tinker with this behind the scenes. But nevertheless, what you are seeing in a Google search result is popularity coupled with the Google guys’ preference.  I mean, you’re never gonna see RushLimbaugh.com at the top of anything unless I’m in trouble, for example.  But Google has now decided to change it.  Get this.  “Google wants their search results to be based on the sites that are the most factual.” (interruption)  No.  No, no.

You might think, “Well, hey, Rush, you know it’s about time. Somebody needs to police Internet for what’s right and wrong out there!”  Wait a second.  Who gets to decide what’s factual?  I’ll give you one subject.  Look at global warming.  I guarantee you that everybody in Google thinks it’s real; that man’s causing it.  Google believes every bit of liberal drivel, propaganda about it.  By the same token, anybody who doesn’t, anybody considered a “denier,” will never, ever be revealed in a Google search.

If indeed they get to determine what you get returned on a search based on “factual content,” who gets to decide what’s right and wrong?  Facts are not facts anymore, particularly in politics.  So whose facts? Who gets to determine that?  That’s what Google wants to do.  Now, it’s not just something I guess they can automatically do. I’ll get into more detail here as the program unfolds.  The basic point here is that a bunch of leftists are starting to get it.

It’s slowly starting to dribble out.

They still haven’t released these pages.  They still haven’t released the 302 pages of what net neutrality is, but some people who know what’s in there are starting to leak it.  So the details are slowly becoming known, and people are getting very, very worried. Like there is the ability for Obama — the Regime, administration, government, regulatory agencies — to regulate content.  I knew it. I had a conversation with some people about this years ago.

The big concern from opponents of net neutrality was just that, that what was actually being set up here was a government regulatory agency that would police content and make sure that every point of view had equal access.  It would be the same thing as if the government could regulate cable TV. Here’s Fox News at #1, and MSNBC at #25.  “Well, that’s not fair! That’s not neutral.  That’s not equal.”

So if there were a government agency that could regulate the audiences for Fox News, they would see to it that Fox lost some audience and that MSNBC picked some up.  That’s what they want to do with the Internet.  That’s what net neutrality is, and none of the proponents even gave that a thought.  They all thought it was about getting even with big corporate interests and punishing them.  They all thought it was about fast lanes and the last mile and all this gobbledygook about equalizing things for the little guy.

What it really is, is the government empowered to punish points of view it doesn’t agree with, and that is slowly being learned. 

t’s being discovered.

It’s trickling out — and they’re very, very much worried about it

You remember when the ChiComs told Google, “Hey, you cannot operate in this country if your search results are gonna show things that are anti the communist government.”  And Google said, “Oh, okay, whatever you want,” because China’s such a big market. So Google acquiesced to the ChiComs, the ChiComs run Google search, for the most part.  I mean, they don’t control everything, but the point is Google acquiesced to the ChiComs right off the bat.  You think they won’t acquiesce to Obama or haven’t already?

I mean, what is this, “miserable failure” as a search term, and the first thing on the list is George Bush and the Bush White House?  The search results are already manipulated. I’m sure they are with global warming and all these other things, which makes it kind of curious here that Google wants to now make this whole thing official by claiming search results are now rooted in fact. They want to rank based on whether they think the page contains falsehoods.  They want to rank based on factual content rather than popularity, how popular your page is.  That’s what most people think a search return is.  If you ask any question on a search — it’s interesting, you know, my brother asked me today what time doe Netanyahu’s speech begin tomorrow before Congress, and I didn’t know. 

So I thought, you know what, I’m gonna find out how these various search options are.  So I tried Siri on my iPhone, I got a list of websites.  So I went to Google and I put in the question: What time is Netanyahu’s speech before Congress tomorrow?  I got Huffing and Puffington Post, I got CNN, I got websites all anti-Netanyahu.  Not one of them told me what time the damn speech was.  I just got the latest links on the speech from people who were opposed to it.  No matter what I searched or where I went. 

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