Ditch The Bitch

Pelosi The Witch

Hillary may get the nomination, even that is doubtful, but she will not win the general election. There are a number of reasons for this observation. Here are a few:

As a US Senator and a Secretary of State what comes to mind as an accomplishment worth noting in Hillary’s time in these offices? What did she do to distinguish herself? What can she point to as an outstanding achievement? The answer is NOTHING! In fact one might say that her tenure as Secretary of State was a disaster where she formed Obama’s foreign policy that has left the world in chaos.

Hillary 6Hillary is a carbon copy of Obama on political positions. Obama is more and more seen as a failed Presidency. Like Obama, Hillary is a devotee of Saul Alinsky. She is hard Left, but unlike Obama,  she but tries hard not to show it. The question the American people will be asking themselves as they go into the voting booth is – Do we want a 3rd and 4th term for Obama which is what Hillary would be? The Lexington Libertarian thinks that the American people have had enough of the hard Left agenda which they didn’t know they were getting when they elected Obama. THE EXPERIMENT WITH EUROPEAN SOCIALISM IS OVER AND REJECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Then there is the fact that scandal follows Hillary wherever she goes. That’s because she thinks she is above the law. Remember Vince Foster? How about Hillary’s latest E-Mail scandal? And we didn’t even mention Benghazi or try to blame her for anything using some obscure video. After 8 years of Obama’s scandals and misuse of government the American people yearn for an upright, honest, righteous, sincere person in the White House.

Lastly the woman is a BITCH! She has all the personality of a cold fish.

Rich Lowry comments:

“To say that she lacks the light touch is almost as much of an understatement as saying her husband is not a monk.” 
“Hillary will have many strengths – an electoral map that tilts toward the Democrats, a Republican party that is still suffering a hangover from the Bush years, prodigious fundraising. But her planned road trip to the White House, even if she manages to get to her destination, will be more a grim forced march than a joyful excursion. Its motto might as well be: Oh, the fun we will pretend to have!”HillaryGetOutofBenghaziJailFreeCardPIX
These are only the opening salvos. There is much more to come as we get more specific in the future. Stay tuned!

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