Sarah Silverman getting paid less than a male stand-up comedian. The Rape Culture at the University of Virginia. Memories Pizza refusing service to Gay People. Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown assassinated in cold blood for the crime of being black. Racism pervading the Tea Party. All of it shocking, disgraceful and repugnant… if only any of it were… you know… true.

Many Americans ask why can’t there be more bi-partisanship? Why can’t we all just get along? Remember that Tip O’Neil and Ronald Reagan were best of political enemies but best of friends?

The answer lies in the fact that new Democrats, Liberals and the Left no longer play fair. Win at all costs now means that you lie, cheat and slander your opposition. You make up stories and make up statistics to back up your position. And if that doesn’t work you trash the messenger instead of debating the position.

There will be far less division within American society when one side gives up the tactics of demonizing their opposition in order to gain power. Next time you are involved in a political debate or even just view one, notice what tactics are being used and who is using them.


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