Phony Climate Change

There certainly has been much fodder for the Global Warmists lately. Here in Texas we are over run with rain, flooding and tornadoes. But this all follows 3 years of drought where we saw some Texas lakes actually disappear. The Warmists who now want their junk science to be known as Climate Change or Climate Disruption, all the fault of humankind, claim both sides of the issue – drought is the fault of greenhouses gases as well as flooding from too much rain. Everything is the fault of humankind- even the earthquakes in Nepal.

But when you look closely at the Warmist ideology you see rampant anti Capitalism and the promotion of wold wide government, world wide Socialism and the redistribution of wealth globally. These Eco Fascists have hijacked the environmental movement to further the ends of far Left Marxist ideology.


One thought on “Phony Climate Change

  1. What’s really funny Fred is that the polar icecap around Antartica is larger than it’s ever been before! Humm!


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