A Passionate Plea For Unabridged Free Speech

Obama’s transformation of America includes a gutting of the US Constitution. Make no bones about it, we are not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic, or we were. Our rights do not reside in the judgment of our Representatives in government, they are inalienable God given rights not to be abridged or tinkered with by mere mortals.

Yet this is precisely what Democrats and the Left seek to do, to make themselves Judge and Jury over what is permissible to be expressed and what is not. Their ideology is to ever increase the power of the State.

Hence they would enact HATE SPEECH LAWS, remove any criticism of the government and its officials and demand under punishment of law POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. This they would do in the name of fairness, diversity and tolerance, words all turned upside down.

Do not let this happen to America. Do not let mortal men decide what the rest of us can think and say and express.



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