Democrats Caused Urban Poverty and Collapse

American inner cities have become cesspools of poverty, drugs, crime and horrible public education. And they have become what they are under Democrat rule. The Bronx in New York, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis – even LA are examples of Democratically control cities that have gone to pot. Detroit has had 50 years of Democrat rule and now looks like a bombed out city having lost half its population.

Democrat Liberals get into power and they bleed the high earners dry. They tax them and then they tax them some more. These are the very people who foot the bills through the large amount of taxes they pay and provide jobs because of the businesses they own. You can only over burden and demonize the very people who are paying for the whole system so long before they move out.

So in every city that the Democrats have controlled for an appreciable amount of time, those who pay taxes, those who create jobs, those who funded city government and city services have fled. They have been bled to the point of no return. And what is left is the poor who cannot pay enough taxes to support the government and its services. Cities all across this nation are going bankrupt. They no longer have taxpayers to pay taxes because Democrats decided to sock it to them.

States that have been controlled by Democrats for a long period of time are having similar problems. The successful who pay huge amounts of taxes are fleeing New York, New Jersey, Maryland and California to name a few.

Borrowing a line from Obama – how is this fair? The class warfare rhetoric and policies of the Democrats have seen them kill the goose who laid the golden egg. Redistribution only leads to the successful fleeing and economies failing.

Rather it would seem more prudent to set up a society where the successful are allowed to become more and more successful. Thus they would pay more and more taxes and the coffers of government would be well funded.

Margaret Thatcher said that Socialism fails when you run out of other people’s money. How true!


One thought on “Democrats Caused Urban Poverty and Collapse

  1. Good article backed up by the fact these democratic officials with the blessing of many their supporters, minorities, have now seen their declining government services extended to illegals. This will further increase their victim status as they race to fall below poverty levels.
    It is about time people, businesses, insurance companies, attorneys generate lawsuits against the hired protesters. By going after those paying the protesters and create chaos etc endangering the public and placing many in a harmful situation.. In so doing offer all who come forward with proof and the names of who funded them a part of the settlement. With stern punishment for those lying.


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