A Horrible Socialist Movie! The Tomorrowland Lie

“The new Disney flick only lives up to its expectations if you’re a socialist green party wacko.”

The Left is into making “message” movies, formerly known as propaganda movies. They keep pushing a Socialist Nirvana that never materializes. Excuses abound: Not enough money spent on Socialist causes, not enough cooperation from the unwashed, uneducated masses, not enough power in the hands of the elite know it alls.

And that is what Socialism is: a bunch of elite know it alls who believe that they can make some sort of utopia if you will only listen to them and give them the power to make things right.

That is why when President Obama cannot get Congress to rubber stamp his visionary proposals, he just mandates them by Executive Order. That is why Leftists feel a need to restrict free speech, why they believe that the Constitution and our Rights do not stem from the Almighty but from the government which they work really hard to take over and control. They are merely elitist Fascists.

Our Founding Fathers fought for Liberty, a word that the Left looks down on with disdain. The new vision is forced equality, a code word for sameness. If we are all equally miserable then all is right in the Leftist’s world.


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