Two Opposing Economic Views: Conservatives Versus Liberals

There are two different world views here. There is the Conservative view of life and then there is the Liberal Left view of life.


The Conservative view says that the best way for everybody to be happy is for everybody to be prosperous. And the best way for everybody to be prosperous is for the government to implement such policies so that the economy grows.

When the economy grows good paying jobs are plentiful. When good paying jobs are plentiful poverty recedes. The wealth of the nation increases from the hard work and entrepreneurship of the people. When national wealth increases the standard of living is higher. It is the system that encourages all this that allow this to happen, which is why the standard of living in the United States is a lot higher than that of Cuba and a whole host of other nations of the world. We have a system which encourages the production of greater and greater wealth thereby raising everybody to a higher economic level. This system maximizes freedom and liberty and is called Capitalism.

The problem is that the Liberal Left says that all of the people do not share equally in their new found riches. Furthermore they subscribe to the faulty economic theory that everything gained by the rich man is something taken away from the poor man. It just isn’t so. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not create Microsoft and Apple by taking away resources from the less fortunate of society. The total aggregate wealth of the nation is not a static set amount that never changes. On the contrary, it is an ever increasing or decreasing amount based on the health of the economy and the economic policies of the government. Gates and Jobs increased the wealth of the nation and their own wealth from nothing.  That’s why American society is so prosperous. We give individuals the freedom to profit from their own ingenuity and hard work. And when they do they create jobs and prosperity for others. But remember, they started from scratch and created their riches from nothing.

So the Liberal Left sees their job to be to redistribute the pie, that is the total wealth of the nation, so that everybody gets a fair share. But in so doing they discourage the inventor, the businessman, the entrepreneur from realizing their full potential. For when they take away from the successful the fruits of their labor they discourage the successful from applying themselves fully, reducing the return on their effort. The more the government takes away the less hard the successful ply their trade. When the government is taking over 60% of what you earn and then demands that you pay even more, why bother busting your hump for everybody else?

The point often lost is that this makes matters worse for everybody. For if the successful decide tomorrow that it just isn’t worth it to be successful anymore , then the wealth of the nation decreases, prosperity goes down, good paying jobs disappear. And taxes needed to provide for essential services are less.

To make matters worse the Liberal Left, in order to win the hearts and minds of its citizens, resorts to the most disparaging Class Warfare, demonizing the successful and dividing the nation into warring camps.

This system the Liberal Left calls Socialism.

In the end the Liberal Left wants to make everybody equal by dragging everybody down to the lowest common denominator. They can’t bring everybody up because that would be heresy to their ideology. There, then, is only one way to make everybody equal…by making everybody equally miserable.

The Conservative wants to do precisely the opposite. He wants to bring the poor out of poverty by providing them with a good paying job not with handouts earned from the sweat of other backs. You can give a man fish or you can teach him how to fish. The latter works better and maintains the dignity of the individual. So the Conservative wants to bring everybody up…up into prosperity. Some will not make it, some cannot make it, but there will always be a safety net to catch these who cannot.

For the Liberal Left its all about redistribution. For the Conservative it’s all about economic growth.

The whole trick here is not to let greed run away with your emotions. If your neighbor all of a sudden becomes filthy rich what difference does it make if you are doing twice as well as you were just a few years ago? It doesn’t. It only matters how much better off you are.


Two additional points need to be made here:

It was John F. Kennedy who said that, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

And Margaret Thatcher who said, “Socialism fails when it runs out of other people’s money.”

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