Pope Francis Joins The Marxists

We will present two articles today which question the Pope’s alliance with the far Left and Marxist economics.It just seems pitiful that the Pontiff, in a time when Christians are getting slaughtered all over the Middle East and elsewhere, that he would be ignoring that slaughter to promote Climate Change and world wide redistribution of wealth. He has allied himself with the American haters and those that demand we give up our hard earned wealth and turn it over to some super world power who will redistribute it.



The Pope joins the EU in a sad world of make-believe By  – The Telegraph

What has a Papal Encyclical calling on the world to end its use of fossil fuels and to pray to God for the success of the global “climate summit” in December got in common with the Greek euro crisis, the ominous rift between the West and Russia, and the shambles Europe is making over the desperation of African and Syrian refugees to find safety this side of the Mediterranean? They are all different aspects of the two greatest acts of political make-believe of our time, so all-pervasive that it is hard for us to grasp just how much effect they are having on all our lives.

When future historians come to look back on our age, few things will puzzle them more than the extent to which our politics became so dominated and bedevilled by two belief-systems, each based on an obsessive attempt to force into being an immensely complicated political construct which defied economic, psychological and scientific reality.

One of these was the peculiar way in which Europe’s politicians, with full support from the US, had set out to unite their continent under a form of supra-national government unlike anything the world had seen before. The other was the way those same politicians fell for the idea not just that human activities were disastrously changing Earth’s climate, but that by taking the most drastic measures they could somehow change it back again.

Although for quite a time these two belief systems seemed to carry all before them, each was essentially based on a fantasy view of the world; and it is in the nature of trying to act out a fantasy that it must eventually overreach itself, to the point where it collides unpleasantly with reality.

The essence of the “European” fantasy was not just that it could gradually weld all Europe together in “ever closer union” by overriding and eliminating the kind of nationalism which had led to wars; but that it could continually expand its own “empire”. We now see in all directions how that sense of national interest cannot be eliminated.

We see it in the desperation of the Greeks to escape from the trap created by forcing them, through corruption and dishonesty, into the euro. We see it in how the EU’s reckless bid to absorb Ukraine into its empire aroused that sense of Russian nationalism which drove the Crimeans into voting to rejoin the country where they felt they belonged. We see it in the sense of national self-interest which makes it impossible for EU countries to agree on how to deal with that flood of refugees from across the sea.

The attempt to create a Europe at one with itself, living prosperously and happily under a new kind of unelected government, has led it to become such a sad, unhappy, divided place, economically in decline compared with the outside world, ruled by a strange form of government it no longer trusts, respects or understands.

Similarly, the last desperate throw by the EU and the US to achieve a world agreement next December to “halt climate change” is not going to succeed, not just because the “science” on which it is based is so increasingly questionable, but because the emerging powers of the East, led by India and China, are simply not prepared to go along with it. If the West wishes to commit economic suicide, so be it. In their own national interest, they are not willing to follow.

In fact, what we are seeing here is a geopolitical shift of huge proportions. So lost is the West in its bubbles of self-deceiving fantasy that the hegemony it so long exercised over the rest of the world is passing to the world outside it, to India and China, even, in its own way, to Russia, still a nuclear power which can prevent us pushing too hard in our support for a bankrupt Ukrainian dictatorship, and which also still supplies Europe with a third of the gas it needs to continue functioning.

How forlorn in light of all this looks that would-be well-meaning 300-page document in which the Pope, under the spell of his chief scientific adviser, a fanatical German climate activist called Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, calls for an end to use of the very fossil fuels which keep the Vatican’s own lights on. In asking us to pray for that global climate treaty, Pope Francis solemnly trots out all those familiar plaints about “melting polar ice caps”, “rising sea levels”, unprecedented droughts, “extreme weather events” and the rest of that greenie litany which has no basis in honest science whatever.

The outside world is no longer listening to this claptrap. But it is not just the world outside the West which is beginning to call the shots. Reality itself is now knocking loudly at the door.


Pope Francis Included Islamic Passages In Climate Hoax Encyclical – What’s He Up To? – by

Pope Francis was not content with merely spreading the politics of Marxist wealth redistribution in his “climate change” fairyhoax encyclical, arguably the whole reason for its creation in the first place. He also chose to reinforce its supposed legitimacy by featuring a passage from an Islamic poet, Ali al-Khawas.

As reported in Breitbart News, the “climate” encyclical included a depiction of the Muslim poet as cautioning people not to “put too much distance between the creatures of the world and the interior experience of God.” The symbolism of incorporating this Islamic text into the encyclical is much more significant than the actual words.

What he did is as close to including Islamic teachings in a Catholic document as he could without actually quoting the Koran, an act which should have Catholics around the world scratching their heads, asking themselves “who is this guy and what is he up to?” Certainly that is what many non-Catholics are doing. There was no need for him to do what he did, either with the encyclical itself or with the Islamic inclusion and none of it is happening accidentally.

Francis quoted al-Khawas directly, writing, “The initiate will capture what is being said when the wind blows, the trees sway, water flows, flies buzz, doors creak, birds sing, or in the sound of strings or flutes, the sighs of the sick, the groans of the afflicted.”

Pope Francis has a pen and a phone of his own, it appears, which are now becoming just as infamous as those of his partner in crime, Hussein Obama. The more time these two spend conspiring together the more apparent it becomes that they are walking the same authoritarian path and dragging us along. They share the same low opinion or hatred of America and the same goal of our downfall and ultimate elimination. Their tactics are virtually identical.

Both identify themselves as Christians. Both include Islam in their messaging. Both seek to redistribute the wealth of America which they depict as ill-gotten, and the illegitimate fruit of global exploitation. Both depict us as a negative influence on the world. Both are advancing a world government under the United Nations and both will be speaking at the Paris Climate Summit as they push us under the United Nations boot.

They also appear to be attempting to edge the world towards one religion, a planetary worship under the United Nations, which will later morph into a materialistic Marxist model, idealizing and idolizing the state, the collective and our elite “masters.” We were warned long ago by some very well-informed “high sources” that such a plot would eventually take place.

Anyone who denies there is a conspiracy afoot is either delusional, uninformed or simply doesn’t understand the concept. An orchestrated effort to subjugate the United States and the world is what these two are about.

The ever-increasing frequency and intensity of their methodical push towards world government under a climate “justification” only serves to make it more apparent that they are in fact co-conspirators working towards our downfall. That reality will become more evident in the weeks and months to come in the lead up to the Paris summit.

Whatever power they are able to claim for themselves and the cabal they work for during that theatrical presentation will be wielded to further enslave America and the world. These are not random, accidental occurrences or mere like-minded individuals. They each are playing a role in our destruction; a role they were specifically cast to play.


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