Barrack Obama: A Two Faced President

When Obama, Reid and Pelosi were crafting Obamacare the Republicans on the joint committee offered over 100 amendments which the Democrats threw in the waste basket. Finally Congressional Democrats slammed the door and barred Republicans from their own committee. Ultimately the rest of Obamacare was written just by Democrats alone in a secret room.

When questioned about these tactics Obama replied, “We won, we get to write the rules.”

When Obama lost control of the House he had Harry Reid stonewall all legislation. The Republican House passed many bills that they  passed onto the Senate, but Reid refused to even consider them.

When Obama lost both the House and Senate he proceeded to legislate from Executive Order, mandating the legislation he wanted to pass in violation of the Constitution. The Constitution, who needs that?

This President has consistently lied, gone back on his word and made promises he refused to keep. He has enforced only those portions of legislation that he agrees with, those he doesn’t he refuses to enforce.

Now he wants Republicans to work with him – translation – cede to his demands. the problem is no one trusts Obama anymore, not even members of his own Party.

Yes you are right Dick Morris, he brought this on himself! Obama has been the most divisive President ever to occupy the white House. And once again he is saying that a lack of cooperation is all the Republican’s fault. Poppycock!


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