Carly Fiorina: A Good VP Candidate?

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina spends the full hour with Fox News host Sean Hannity answering a wide gamut of questions on many of the issues facing contenders for the White House. Fiorina is seeking the GOP nomination in a crowded Republican field.

“I’m not a neophyte, but I do come to this run with some qualifications others don’t have. I understand how the economy works. I understand how the world works. I know more world leaders on the stage than anyone running with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton.”

“I come from a world where speeches are not accomplishments. Activity isn’t accomplishment. Title isn’t accomplishment. I come from a world where you have to actually do something; you have to produce results.”

“The Ukrainians have asked for us to arm them. The Baltic States have asked us to defend them. Our own military people have said we need to reinforce the Sixth Fleet. We ought to rebuild our European missile defenses in Poland. President Obama unilaterally and inexplicably pulled those out.”

On man made Global Warming she says, “the answer is innovation not regulation”

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