The Right To Dissent Is Being Challenged

I was reading Rush the other day in a piece he titled       –

Mr. Sulu: We’re Not Done Yet.

There is a very important point to be made here, one that has been on my mind for some time. Those pushing the Liberal/Left agenda, such as gay marriage to name one but you could name others, are not going to be satisfied in winning a Supreme Court decision in their favor and obtaining the right to same sex marriage. I mean, we could leave it there, you go do what you want to do and I’ll go do what I want to do and never the twain shall meet.

But that’s not good enough for the Left. They are not only going to demand the right to their position they are going to demand that you accept it and participate in it or they are going to see to it that the government will punish you. RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IS OUT THE WINDOW.

Instead of basking in the glow of their new found legal right to marry and going off and doing their thing without further ado, they will haunt each and every person who does not agree with them and MAKE THEM THINK THEIR WAY OR ELSE!

They will go door to door, into every bakery, flower shop, photography studio in the nation and use every citizen as a test case. Either you will bake them a gay wedding cake, or do their gay wedding floral arrangements or take their gay wedding pictures or they will sick an army of lawyers and the government on you and put you out of business, bankrupting you in the process.

OH, THESE LEFTISTS ARE ANGY AND MEAN. You must not only do the right thing you must think the right thing and if you don’t they will see to it that you are punished.

You think I am kidding? Well who is it that wants to fine and jail any citizen who dares to openly question the theory of man-made Global Warming. Throw all the DENIERS in chains is the mantra of the Left. And try opening your mouth about abortion and see how fast you will get sued. Then there is the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms issue. You might remember in New York that the Left publicly posted in the newspaper everybody in the greater New York City area who owned a firearm and had it kept somewhere in their home. They published all the names, addresses and telephone numbers of these gun owners just for spite.

This is all headed towards HATE SPEECH LAWS just like they have in Canada where you cannot even question certain positions lest you be fined and or jailed. You cannot disagree with the official government position on an issue, whether it be gay marriage, Global Warming, radical Muslims etc., or you are in big trouble. Ask Mark Steyn.

I will tell you what will be next. Preachers, clergymen will be muzzled in the pulpit. They will not be allowed to reference Biblical scripture in regards to traditional marriage, dissent on abortion or criticize radical Islam. The next step is to throw men of the cloth in jail, for you see they do not think as the Left wants them to. RELIGIOUS LIBERTY WILL BE NO MORE.

RushHere is how Rush sees it:

Chief Justice Roberts. This is difficult. You contrast Roberts in his dissenting opinion today to his majority opinion yesterday and you scratch your head, and you think, “This is incoherence.” You can’t understand it. It does not make common sense or intellectual sense, because everything Roberts wrote today criticizing gay marriage ruling is what he did yesterday in authorizing Obamacare.

He did yesterday everything he criticizes today. “Roberts’s argument centered around the need to preserve states’ rights over what he viewed as following the turn of public opinion. In ruling in favor of gay marriage, he said, ‘Five lawyers have closed the debate and enacted their own vision of marriage as a matter of constitutional law.'” He’s right. Just as happened with Roe v. Wade. Five lawyers have now defined marriage.

Oh, and, by the way, for those of you who think that you will still have access to the freedom of religion clause in the First Amendment? You won’t for long. Grab audio sound bite 23. George Takei who played, what was it, Mr. Sulu on Star Trek? Star Trek, exactly right. Star Trek. Mr. Sulu. Anyway, he’s a gay activist, George Takei on CNN. The bespectacled Ashleigh Banfield said, “There’s so much left to be said regarding the actual process…”

See? It’s never a win. It’s never over.

There is never happiness on the left. It’s fleeting and temporary, and it is the case with gay marriage, because Ms. Banfield said, “While the Supreme Court has had its say, there’s still a lot of messy work that needs to be done in at least 20 of those states that still recognize those bans.” There is? I thought this meant that we were all aligned, we were all together, and there was love just breaking out all over the country. I thought all that was at stake here was some people who were denied marriage because of their sexual orientation, just wanted to be accepted.

They just wanted to be included.

They want their dignity to be recognized.

But it’s about much more than that, as you and I well know. It’s not about being accepted. It’s about forcing. It’s about redefining. The use of force is involved here — intimidation, bullying, what have you — and George Takei signals there’s more to come. The rest of her question is this: “Those states, George, they still need to be challenged. So is the work of gay activist over or do you still see this as a challenge to the finish line?”

TAKEI: Indeed we see it as a challenge. It’s going to be a — a new challenge. But we are very mindful of that challenge that still remains. They are now — some of these, um, states, are — going to try to use the, uh, shroud of religious freedom. I believe in religious freedom, and people who argue that are entitled to their freedom. But they do not have the freedom to impose their religious values on to others. I’ve heard some of the people, uh, expressing their comments on the, uh, Supreme Court ruling, and they’re entitled to that. But they are not entitled to impose their will on everybody.

RUSH: You see, this is what’s wrong with this. Nobody in the… I can’t believe I’m saying this. Nobody in the heterosexual world is forcing anything on anybody. They’re minding their own business and having something forced on them, is what’s happening here. So Mr. Takei says: Hey, you’re free to have your religious beliefs. Have them all you like. I have mine, too. But you can’t impose your religious values on to others.

(But Mr. Takei and his group can impose their beliefs on you all day every day or you will lose your business.) You honoring your religion… You own a bake store, to give an example. A gay couple walks in; wants a cake. You say, “Sorry, my religion forbids supporting gay marriage.” That’s the end of your business. That couple’s going to walk out, go somewhere, come back with an army of lawyers, and you’re finished.

Instead of just going someplace that will bake them a cake, they’re going to focus on the place that wouldn’t because of religious freedom. This is not about joining. It’s not about being accepted. It’s about overthrowing. And Mr. Takei has just admitted so. (summarized) “Hey, you’re free to have your religious beliefs all day long. I believe in religious beliefs,” he says. “I support them. But that doesn’t mean you can impose them.”

How is somebody who owns a business, minding their own business, a gay couple comes in and wants a cake or a picture taken or what have you: “Sorry, can’t.” How is that marriage, that gay marriage, being imposed upon? A baker refusing to bake a cake is not stopping the wedding. A baker refusing to bake the cake is not preventing the couple from being in love and they’re not preventing them from going out and finding another cake. They’re not preventing them from anything.

This group just doesn’t want to bake the cake. There are plenty of other places that will. But they don’t go there. They stay focused on the place that won’t and they get put out of business or try to. Now, who is imposing on who? Mr. Takei says we’re not stopping. Religious liberty is next. There isn’t going to be any. Because, folks, religious liberty is the target here, or religion is the target, ultimately that’s what this is really all about. That’s why I say this is far more about politics than policy.

The problems that we have go way beyond the day-to-day practice of politics. But even having said that, there hasn’t been any kind of a pushback, strategy on any of this. I mean, the people who have owned bakeries and photo shops and whatever other businesses, they have lives too and they have livelihoods too and they supposedly have political beliefs and they have candidates and they have nobody defending them.

Nobody is pushing back for them. Other than the lawyers they hire, there isn’t a strategy to deal with them. We’ve got plenty of conservatives everywhere, but no opposition to anything, certainly no pushback. We’ve got Republicans everywhere but the people who donate to them, other than the Chamber of Commerce, don’t get any support. It’s kind of breathtaking to behold, actually.






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