The Real Reason NBC Dumped Trump

Republican primary voters want two important things from their Presidential nominee:

1) No more over the hill, half way to the grave old men

2) No more wimps. They want a fighter!

Donald Trump fills the bill as well as does Ted Cruz and Chris Christie. Marco Rubio does a creditable job also at speaking out forcefully.

The plain fact is that Trump spoke the truth. Mexico is sending us all its undesirables – criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers. Most all of the drugs coming into the United States are coming from Mexico. The Cartels have free reign to go back and forth across the border at will. And we are getting hosed by China and Mexico in trade agreements.

The only problem I have with Trump in that message was his last line – “And some I assume are good people.” He might have said – along with a number of good people.

In the last two Presidential elections we had two Republican nominees ( McCain & Romney) refused to criticize Obama or hold him accountable for his associates and his radical views because he was Black. THE QUESTION FOR 2016 IS ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A REPUBLICAN NOMINEE WHO WILL REFUSE TO HOLD HILLARY ACCOUNTABLE BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN?

Not if we nominate a fighter.

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