Scott Walker Keeps Appointing Left Wing Staff

Scott Walker2The Republican voters  have had enough of the “moderate Republicans” who refuse to fight for Conservative principles. We all thought we had a fighter in Scott Walker but he keeps taking on Left Wing Staff. Republican voters this time around want a true blue Conservative a la Ronald Reagan. You can’t play both ends and the middle Governor Walker. Nor will we put up with Conservative talk but Liberal action.

You might remember the earlier story questioning Walker’s Conservative credentials published here on the Lexington Libertarian –



Breitbart has the story:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential effort in waiting has made yet another questionable and anti-conservative hire, as former National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) communications director Brad Dayspring joins the pro-Walker Super PAC Unintimidated PAC.

Dayspring has a long history of anti-conservatism, and this hire is again hurting Walker’s reputation among right-of-center power players despite the praises Dayspring won from inside-the-beltway mainstream media types. But Dayspring isn’t reviled just by conservatives: lots of D.C. Republicans don’t like him either as he’s had a history of brash encounters with almost anyone he meets, even those supposedly on his own team.

There’s perhaps no Republican operative from the establishment side of the party, however, who’s been more effective in eliminating conservatives nationwide throughout the movement in recent years—and Team Walker’s decision to bring Dayspring aboard just a few months after the similarly problematic Liz Mair was let go could backfire in a significant way. The 2016 GOP presidential primary is shaking out to mirror the larger fight inside the Republican Party—the conservative grassroots is hungry for a Washington outsider, while the establishment side of the party is more interested in attempting yet again to win a general election without the GOP base.

“Brad Dayspring is well known as a despicable establishment operative who specializes in slander and character assassination against conservative candidates,” Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel—one such conservative Dayspring personally frequently attacked—told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday. “He is the perfect example of why conservatives no longer trust the GOP. He’s little more than a paid attack dog, without principle and honor, the personification of everything wrong with our present political system.”

McDaniel added:

“Scott Walker appears to be a good man with solid conservative instincts. But his hiring of the unstable Dayspring is an insult to honorable political discourse. If Dayspring is aligned with Walker, then conservatives should be warned to look elsewhere for leadership.”

“There’s a reason Brad Dayspring hasn’t found work for almost six months,” another rival campaign strategist from a different campaign told Breitbart News. “Nobody likes him. I wonder what Scott Walker thinks about Dayspring’s comments trashing conservatives and acting like a sexist pig?”

That last comment refers to when Dayspring called Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes an “empty dress” while working for the NRSC.

Dayspring’s most prominent role in a long history of working in Republican politics was for the NRSC as the communications director this past cycle. He was one of Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell ’s(R-KY) “killers,” as one former leadership aide told National Review as the cycle began—and when conservative Matt Bevin was gearing up to take on McConnell.

McConnell leaned on Dayspring especially to brutalize conservatives running in primaries around the country. He was personally involved in taking down at least five conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidates, including McDaniel, who in total won nearly 900,000 votes combined but still none won. In Senate races, those numbers weren’t enough to topple incumbent Republicans. But in each of the states where Dayspring took down still-prominent conservative challengers—back in the 2012 election—the Republican who won them in the presidential primary did so with fewer votes than those conservative challengers won in the 2014 Senate primaries. That means that heading into the 2016 GOP presidential primaries conservatives who were maligned last cycle, including McDaniel, actually have a lot more power in terms of who they support than those in Washington might think.

Dayspring and his cohorts absolutely annihilated every single conservative Republican challenger to sitting incumbent Republicans or the establishment pick in one case, and then helped McConnell with the U.S. Senate Majority. Bevin was disposed of in Kentucky, state Sen. Chris McDaniel in Mississippi, state Rep. Joe Carr in Tennessee, Dr. Milton Wolf in Kansas and then retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness in Louisiana.

McConnell’s plan to take Bevin down in the 2014 Senate primary—in which Dayspring played a crucial role—was one that was also designed to protect all his incumbent Republicans from the fate of former Sens. Bob Bennett (R-UT) or Dick Lugar (R-IN).

McConnell’s ploy—cooked up by people like Dayspring and others in McConnell’s orbit like his ex-chief of staff Billy Piper, former NRSC communications director Brian Walsh, and former NRSC executive director Rob Jesmer—was to sink the conservative Republican candidates by attacking outside groups that support them or might support them.

Groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage Action, Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, FreedomWorks, the Club for Growth, Madison Project, Citizens United and more fell into this category for McConnell and his “killers.”

“If McConnell can crush Bevin, the thinking goes, he can expose a lack of ideological consistency in the outside groups, allowing him to separate Tea Party voters from Tea Party fundraising groups,” Sam Youngman of the Lexington Herald-Leader wrote in late October 2013 as Bevin moved in for his primary challenge of McConnell.

Drew Ryun, in response to Team Walker’s decision to hire Dayspring, told Breitbart News that Walker’s priorities are out of whack.

“Clearly there is a disconnect for Scott Walker and his team,” Ryun said in an email.

The hiring of Brad Dayspring, an ethically challenged operative, makes me wonder how this happened. Not only is Brad’s history checkered with poor decisions, he was the NRSC’s attack dog against the conservative movement in 2014. Scott Walker’s challenge as he moves to the national stage is to prove he is indeed conservative, not a one hit wonder from 2011. This hire is not a move in the right direction for him.

It’s extraordinarily notable that Ryun of all people is criticizing Walker for this hire because when seemingly every other Republican—save for a few in the conservative media and a couple hardcore conservative activists like Ryun and his brother Ned—abandoned Walker amid wide-scale union protests in Madison in early 2011, the Ryun brothers organized a counter-rally at the state Capitol to back Walker up.

Andrew Breitbart, Herman Cain, local radio host Vicki McKenna and a handful of other conservatives spoke at that initial counter-rally—the only ones standing with Walker, and it’s from there that Walker stood strong and made it through the battle against the unions to give him the national profile he has today. Now, with decisions like letting Dayspring and others like him onto the team in an effort to fit in on the national political stage as he gears up to run for president, Walker could be headed in a dark direction where he loses that original flare that first sparked national conservative interest in him.

With national conservatives like ForAmerica’s Brent Bozell similarly furious, it’s not likely to help Walker. Bozell even called Dayspring a “cretin.”

“Gov. Walker should have known better than to hire Brad Dayspring, the worst GOP anti-conservative hit man in Washington. Brad Dayspring has a despicable record using character assassination to besmirch the reputations of conservative candidates and public policy leaders,” Bozell said in a statement on Wednesday. “He’s paid to do the ugly work of the Washington establishment. He is the personification of everything that’s wrong in politics today. Gov. Walker, people are policy. If you want conservatives’ support, you need to get rid of this cretin immediately.”


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