Mainstream Media Fails Again

Regular readers of the Lexington Libertarian know that we postulate that there are two main sacrosanct platforms in the Liberal/Left catechism:

1) Abortion

2) Global Warming

If you question the Left’s agenda on these two points they want to muzzle you, throw you in jail and fine you.  If you do not conform to their viewpoint on these two issues they will trash you and label you as anti human being – A DENIER!

It may come to pass that we will add a third sacrosanct issue to the Liberal/Left catechism – ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

If evidence comes to light that would contradict the agenda on any of these issues, the media, so ingrained with Leftists, will just refuse to report it. Either that or they will deflect it with a made up issue hung around the necks of their opponents.


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