More Than Half Of New CA Driver’s Licenses Go To Illegal Immigrants


California DMV


While Governor Moonbeam is asking for a 50% reduction in the use of gasoline, at the same time California has issued 397,000 new drivers licenses to illegal aliens. You know what’s coming next don’t you? Yup, they will use those driver licenses TO VOTE WITH. And the California Secretary of State and most of the election officials are Democrats who will turn a blind eye.

Breitbart reports:

More than half of the new driver’s licenses issued in California during 2015 have gone to illegal immigrants.

“Of the 759,000 total licenses the DMV has issued, 397,000–or 52 percent–have gone to [illegals].”

The surge in illegal licensing is the result of AB 60–a California law that went into effect at the beginning of the year. The law allows applicants to get a license by “only [proving] their identity and California residency, rather than their legal presence in the state.”

According to The Sacramento Bee, the number of applicants is far exceeding the numbers discussed when AB 60 was being considered. Bill proponents predicted “1.4 million applicants over three years,” but they have already received “nearly half a million” applications in the first half of 2015 alone.

The California DMV was overwhelmed at first,  and applicants faced “longer wait times and had difficulty making appointments.” DMV spokesperson Jessica Gonzalez said, “It did take a little bit of time to get us acclimated, and now we’re seeing wait times trending down.”

AB 60 was championed by Democrats and “immigrant advocates.” The law is structured in a way that prevents the DMV from sharing information on illegals with agencies.
The bill’s chief sponsor–Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Watsonville)–responded to the massive number of illegals getting licenses by suggesting AB 60 makes California roads more secure. He said, “Our roads are now safer knowing 400,000 people who were likely already driving are licensed and insured.”

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