Our Soldiers ‘Would Have A Chance If They Had A Gun’

“Mr. President, it was not a circumstance, it was a slaughter, one that you knew was coming.”

On top of Barack Husein Obama’s decidedly weak statement describing the ‘slaughter’ of four US Marines as a “circumstance”, he did not bother to muster up enough respect to (at least) stand while delivering his remarks. What a disgraceful, disrespectful excuse for a Commander-In-Chief


Mr. President, the slaying of 5 Service People in Chattanooga, Tennessee did not have to happen. Every Serviceman or woman in uniform should be carrying a firearm. If you can’t trust soldiers with guns, who can you trust? Cops are armed and take their guns home at night.

And why are we still wondering about the motive for this shooting? I’ll tell you why, because you, Mr. President, refuse to admit that there are Radical Islamist Extremists. The shooter, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, was a Radical Islamist but we would never know that from you. These are not lone wolfs but rather highly indoctrinated Extremists who have been ordered to murder Americans.

Is it not a big part of your job as Commander-in-Chief to protect the American people, Mr. President? Well start doing your job.We are all fed up with political correctness and the propensity not to offend.



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