Why America Is In Grave Danger

Conservative Tribune reports:

Last week a “suspected” radical Islamic jihadist opened fire on two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn., killing four Marines and one Navy sailor before finally being gunned down himself by local law enforcement.

“Suspected” is in quotes because, once again, the federal government under President Barack Obama is going out of its way to avoid mentioning the fact that the shooter was Muslim or that his actions constituted an act of terror.

Yet again, our nation has been attacked by “those who shall not be named,” as Obama refuses to utter the words “radical” “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.




As can be seen in this take-off of the classic game show “Wheel of Fortune,” Obama can’t even name the enemy when their name is literally right in front of his face (H/T Allen B. West).

As a side note, the only letter missing from the puzzle is the letter “I,” which one would presume to be the favorite letter of our narcissist in chief.

However, in what has now literally become a joke, Obama is simply unwilling or unable to put an actual name on the very real enemy we face, even when they proclaim who and what they are in their own name. (See: the Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a State, discuss.)

Our nation needs a leader who doesn’t always bow to political correctness and will be perfectly capable of not only naming but actually confronting the potentially existential threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

Maybe next year …


3 thoughts on “Why America Is In Grave Danger

  1. Obama hates the u.s. Obama plans to bring the Syrians refugees into the u.s he knows Isis will be amount the Syrian refugees. Isis will attack us will our own weapons.that’s why Obama trying to disarm the American people.he is planning a take over of the white house. he is trying to move quickly before 2016. obam is trying to destroy the u.s.we are in grave danger and err Obama.he is trying to bring Isis to the u.s through the Syrian refugees. he is not trying to help Syria.he armed Isis through the Syrian refugees he knew the rebels would lose the u.s weapons to isis. he wouldn’t allow the u.s military defeat Isis. he plans to use the terrorist groups to invade and defeat the u.s. by the Syrian refugees. THE U.S .NEED TO WAKE UP WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER!! OBAMA HATE AMERICA. HE PLANS TO DESTROY THE U.S!!!


    1. Even a blind man can see what about to happen to America. our great country the land I love. it break my heart to see our military men and women in harm way.this president should be in jail for treason


      1. the we president are leaving our border open on purpose he has weaken our military and wasting our bombs in Syria he won’t allow the u.s to bomb Isis. he is lying to the Americain people by telling them isos was being defeated he gave aways lots of the u.s weapons tanks etc. he has undermined the u.s. military. he has bankrupted the u.s.


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