The Democrat Left Is Gearing Up To Take The 2016 Election By Fraud

Published on Feb 15, 2014

Note: Relevant and important information will be updated below regularly as it becomes available

It’s about 995 days until the 2016 Presidential Election. After the disastrous results of having the liberal, socialist, pop-culture atheist puppet president Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro), it’s now time to attempt to elect a worthy leader and direct the country in the right direction.

This video made by Most Holy Family Monastery destroys the the illusion that your votes count, the whole thing is rigged by special interests, and the outcome is determined in advance.

Why did the powers that be use the community organizer, un-experienced, puppet Barry Soetoro? Because the country is about to hit an iceberg. In terms of the typical American mind, 25, 50 years is too hard to fathom but in these coming years, the country will change dramatically and deteriorate further. They wanted to use someone that would distract the focus of the public from serious problems. Or maybe it’s because the people in power behind the voting machines make the backroom deals to the highest bidder to have a guaranteed win and become millionaires or billionaires after it’s done. Either way, the votes are rigged in favor of the sellout, corrupt, Chicago-style, politician. To have a stern, sincere, honest, god-fearing, politician like Ron Paul who follows the constitution, the rule of law, the law of God, non-special interest, would be a threat to the status-quo and the atheist, liberal, socialist, pop-culture powers that be.

Due to many years of war, off-shoring labor, manufacturing, and importing skill and labor, having a sky-rocketing debt, the impotent politicians (Americans as well), failed to recognized the dangers or simply don’t care before it was too late. Politicians failed to implement proper policy that would end war, promote peace, and sustain economic growth, and faith in anything.

Who should you vote for? The obvious answer is Rand Paul whom takes after his father. Don’t be fooled or dissuaded by any talk show host, radio host, or news outlet. Rand Paul is a conservative who treads lightly because he knows and you know, in your heart of hearts, the only way to be successful in this rigged game is to play by their rules. Look what they did to Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.

We will inevitably watch again as Republicans dredge up the dogs from the pits of the Republican Party toilet… Chris Christy, Mitt Romney, Santorum, Huntsman, and a few other out-of-no-wheres and no-names.

So Americans… tonight, go sit and watch American Idle, Rachel Maddow, Dancing With The Stars, and whatever other garbage you’ve been doing. Don’t worry! You won’t be around to face the consequences but you will be in hell burning. Your children and future generations will be left with your legacy of ignorance, apathy and a cesspool of what has become the United States of America, if you don’t do anything. Share this video with your friends, family, neighbors, and anyone who will watch with the extensions listed below, for Firefox.


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Mitofsky International / Edison Research / National Election Pool / Voter News Service –……



The Lexington Libertarian has written extensively on this subject previously. We have posted vote totals in precincts in Cleveland Ohio, and remember Ohio is a swing state, that show where Romney in 2012 received ) votes, 1 vote, 2 votes, 3 votes – -IN THE WHOLE PRECINCT- While Obama was receiving hundreds of votes. This was repeated over and over again in over a hundred precincts. Similar findings were published about Philadelphia. At election time polls showed that Romney was leading in both Ohio and Pennsylvania as well as Florida where more irregularities occurred.

And we have reminded the American people that there is no malware protection on voting machines, no protection like most of us have on our personal computers. We also published numerous reports of people saying that they pressed the Romney button and the voting machine recored a vote for Obama.


The Left continues to block attempts of states to install voter ID. In 2012 Obama did not win any state that had voter ID in place. In addition the Left is continually granting rights and priveleges to illegal aliens that are not legal. In California half the new applicants for drivers licenses were from illegal aliens. Meanwhile the Left is pushing Motor Voter Laws, allowing applicants for drivers licenses to register to vote at the same time.In other places other liberalized registration is registering everybody and anybody to vote.

HERE IS WHAT OREGON IS DOING. Los Angeles Times reporting:

Americans are required to register if they want to vote; as of this week, Oregonians will have to register not to.

In front of a packed and cheering audience Monday, Gov. Kate Brown signed a first-in-the-nation bill to automatically register all eligible Oregonians to vote when they obtain or renew a driver’s license or state identification card.

Those who are registered through the new process will be notified by mail and will be given three weeks to take themselves off the voting rolls. If they do not opt out, the secretary of state’s office will mail them a ballot automatically 20 days before any election.Gov Kate Brown 2

Gov Kate Brown

When Brown signed House Bill 2177 into law, she was building on the Beaver State’s history as a ballot-box innovator, which has led to high voter participation. Oregon was the first state in the country to switch to all-mail voting when Ballot Measure 60 was passed in 1998 by a wide margin. Washington state and Colorado later followed suit.

“In my role as secretary of state, I proposed a new way of registering to vote,” Brown said as she signed the bill. “We call it ‘new motor voter.’ It was my top priority, and I am absolutely thrilled to be signing this into law as the new governor. … Virtually every Oregonian will be able to have their voice be heard.”

“This bill is about making government work better, treating citizens as customers and giving them access to the service they expect,” she said Monday. “When someone moves to Oregon, why should they have to fill out multiple forms for multiple agencies? They should be able to complete one form, one time.”

Currently, there are about 2.2 million registered voters in Oregon, said Tony Green, spokesman for Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins, and an additional 800,000 are not registered but eligible. The new law is expected to bring nearly half of those onto the voter rolls.

Myrna Perez, director of the Voting Rights and Elections Project at the Brennan Center for Justice, called Oregon’s new law “a groundbreaking innovation.”

“Oregon takes it further than any other state by putting the burden on the government,” said Perez, whose organization is part of New York University School of Law. “Instead of asking voters, ‘Do you want to register to vote?’ they ask voters, ‘Do you not want to vote?’”

Brown said the new law would modernize how the state Transportation Department’s Driver and Motor Vehicle services division and the secretary of state’s office function.

Oregon already requires people seeking a driver’s license to show that they are citizens or legal residents, Green said, and the DMV distinguishes between the two. For any citizen seeking a license, that information will automatically be sent on to the secretary of state’s office.

In addition, citizens who have sought a license, renewed a license or changed an address since 2013 will also have their information sent to the secretary of state’s election division, which will notify them that they are eligible to vote.

At that point, Green said, “you can opt out, affiliate with a party, or do nothing and you are registered to vote.”

For those who are already registered to vote, he said, “there will be no change. But if you move, your information will be automatically transferred. You don’t have to manually re-register. You only have to do one thing — change your driver’s license address.”

The change was not universally embraced. HB 2177 passed both chambers of the state Legislature without a single Republican vote in its favor. Some worried about privacy matters and others wondered why it was necessary to make registration even easier.

Republican state Sen. Kim Thatcher said in a statement this month that she was “very disappointed” that the bill passed. She said she voted against it because it “will expose Oregon citizens’ private information” and put victims of sexual assault and stalking at risk.

Supporters of the bill said the state already has safeguards for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and that the new law will not make their private information public.

“During testimony on the bill, a legislator said to me, ‘It’s already so easy to register in Oregon, why would we make it easier?’” Brown recounted as she signed the measure. “My answer is that we have the tools to make voter registration more cost-effective, more secure and more convenient for Oregonians.

“Why wouldn’t we?”


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