So How Did Hillary E-Mail Classified Information?

So if Hillary did not use the government E-Mail provided for her ever and she did not use her own E-Mail from her own private server to discuss classified information with those with the appropriate security clearance, THEN HOW DID SHE DISCUSS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION? What she is saying is she didn’t use anything. So are we to believe that in her four years as Secretary of State she never communicated or discussed classified information with anybody? She never communicated with anybody at Benghazi? She never did anything? No wonder her record of accomplishment is zero.

What is noteworthy is that all her E-Mails including the ones she has claimed to destroyed are retrievable but Democrats never turn in other Democrats. So the Obama Administration will not go after her and the likelihood of getting a court order to seize her server and other government servers is zero. So once again the Clintons get away with murder.



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