Trump Is Here To Stay!

What has happened in Republican politics is the disconnect between the Party members and its voters and the leadership. Those aspiring for office have been way too timid according to the rank and file. The milquetoast, we can’t criticize Democrats, last two Presidential nominees – McCain and Romney, neither of whom are Conservatives, did not represent the rank and file Republicans and would not take it to the Democrats.

Republican voters want a fighter and a Conservative – A CONSERVATIVE FIGHTER who will come out swinging, no holds barred. Most of the Republican candidates for President are so afraid of offending someone that they fail miserably at being the loyal opposition. They are not opposing. And having John Boehner and Mitch McConnell as the Republican leaders in Congress is compounding the situation. Here are two more leaders who refuse to fight back, who are not fulfilling the duties of being the loyal opposition. Instead of opposing Obama they are agreeing with him and helping to facilitate his agenda.

This has all led to frustration of the part of the Republican rank and file. They voted in a Republican majority in the House. Next they voted in a Republican majority in the Senate. They are poised to elect a Republican President if a good choice is made. But this new President must be a leader who is not afraid to step on toes, one who is not constantly worried about how he (she) can get reelected or how popular he (she) is.

The other appeal that Trump has is that he is worth billions and need not tie himself to lobbyists or make promises to donors that he would rather not fulfill. He can finance his own campaign without outside money influencing the decisions he has to make. And the American people know that .

Trump is his own man even if he is a bit bodacious and overbearing. But then a man like that can get things done. And that’s another thing the American people are looking for – lights, camera, ACTION!

Here is a possible scenario of a Donald Trump Administration:

President:  Donald Trump

Vice President:  Ted Cruz

Secretary of the Interior: Sarah Palin

Secretary of State:  John Bolton

Attorney General:  Judge Andrew Napolitano or Andrew McCarthy

Press Secretary:  Carly Fiorina

Chairman of the Federal Reserve:  Art Laffer

Secretary of Labor:  Scott Walker


Just a few suggestions!


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