I don’t know why FOX News decided to dig up all the dirt they could find on the Republican candidates and then try to bury them with it. It seemed that the it was not to toughen them up but to boost themselves instead of doing their job fairly. It was a hit job not worthy of the past performances of this network.

The Lexington Libertarian isn’t the only one that took note of this.

Dick Morris posted a scathing attack of FOX News:

In its GOP primary debate coverage, Fox News’ recent desire to be accepted into the fraternity of leftist leaning journalists was on full display. Having built its audience by being fair to conservatives, its anchors now seek to pivot to the left in order to satisfy their professional peers.

It is very revelatory that CNN praised Fox News for its handling of the debate.

Fox News couldn’t care less what the audience or the Republican candidates thought of them. It was trying to make it in the journalistic cocktail circuit. That’s why they pummeled Trump with such personal attacks and treated all of the other candidates like enemies.

Megyn Kelly was especially partisan, her bias showing through her questioning of Trump. You can bet she’ll never be as tough on Hillary as she was on the Donald last night and certainly won’t be asking her personal questions.

Fox News showed an arrogant contempt for its audience in its leftist bias and was, in effect, telling them that they have no other place to go.

The network’s choice of who got to answer questions was just one of the many ways it showed a bias. Conservative Ted Cruz had to wait for 25 other responses before he was finally asked a question — and that one was about God.

Conservative newcomer Ben Carson was ignored for so long by the Fox News anchors that he even commented that he was wondering if he would ever get the chance to speak.

Fox News could have shown that it could be fairer than any other station. Instead its liberal bias rivaled that of George Stephanopoulos.

Rush had an equal poor opinion of FOX:

t was just 24 hours ago, ladies and gentlemen — a mere 24 hours ago — that I was behind this very Golden EIB Microphone informing you that I had come across a bit of news.  The bit of news was that big-time Republican donors had ordered to take out Donald Trump in the debate last night.

We all made a mistake.  We assumed that the orders went out to the candidatesBut the candidates did not make one move toward taking Donald Trump out.  The broadcast network did; the candidates didn’t.  I mean, let’s review.  The first question from Megyn Kelly to Trump was, “You’ve called women fat slobs, pigs, whatever,” and he said, “No, just Rosie O’Donnell.”  The place starts laughing and so forth, but she’s not amused, and she tells him, “No, it’s more than that.”

She keeps going on and on and on about it, and says, “Is this the right kind of temperament?” Whatever it was.  Trump was clearly caught entirely off guard by it, and even today he said, “I’m not… I don’t know when I’ve ever said this stuff.”  Who knows if he writes all of his tweets that he posts.  You know, this is the danger that when you start going in the social media stuff and tweeting stuff and maybe you hire somebody to do it for you.

Not one of the remaining nine candidates joined Megyn Kelly in taking the shot at Trump.  Not one.  Yet we have been told that there were orders from Republican donors to take Trump out.  And there were a couple of other instances when Trump restated his views.

Remember the contretemps when the moderators were demanding that Trump prove that the Mexican government was knowingly sending rapists, murderers, purse snatchers, and so forth? Finally he said, “Well, I’ve been down there.  I met with the Border Patrol. I’ve talked to the Border Patrol guys.  There’s no question that the Mexican government is doing this!” I can’t recall off the top of my head now either.

But I’ve reported stories like the Mexican government is advertising in Mexico how to get on the American welfare rolls, how to get food stamps. The Mexican government is doing it all.  Trump was right.  He just could not recall where he saw it, who told him, how he knew it, or what have you.  And that’s why not a single other candidate piled on.  The candidates were given at least maybe three chances here to pile on.

Join the moderators in the whatever you want to call it, the hit or the criticism or the questioning of Trump, and they didn’t. They didn’t go there when Megyn brought up the business about what Trump said about women in the past and Twitter and wherever else. And when immigration came up, no one — no one — joined the fray. No one tried to dump on Trump.  What do you make of that?  And in fact, when Trump’s name came up, John Kasich and Rubio said, “Hey…” They praised Trump. “Hey, he’s preaching a group of Americans…”

My point is, not one… Now, you look at Chris Christie and Rand Paul. They went at it over government spying, but there was none of that at Trump.  Nobody went at him.  I found it kind of interesting.  I thought there were a lot of really, really quality people last night on that stage. And I tell you, despite everything that we’re gonna say today and that you’re gonna say, there’s not a one of those people on that stage last night I would not take over Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Krauthammer says that Trump blew his candidacy last night, and Frank Luntz says the same thing.  What are we to make of this, folks?  Time will tell.  But it’s clear these media people have learned a lesson.  They thought the McCain comment and the illegal immigrant comment would doom Trump — and when it didn’t — when it actually made him more popular. They’re now hedging their bets.



One thought on “BIG TEN REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE Part 2 – Squash The Conservatives

  1. As of today I am no longer watching Fox. It is clear to me that Megan, Brett, Wallace are puppets for the pimps. No different than MSNBC. Newsmax much better.


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