Carly Fiorina Kicks Hillary’s Ass Anyday

Smart Gifrl Politics reports:

Queen Hillary isn’t going to like Carly Fiorina’s new website

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina goes on offense with new website.

Carly Fiorina continues to impress on the campaign trail, with both her campaign skills and her willingness to stick it to Hillary Clinton every chance she gets. Instead of criticizing her fellow Republican candidates, Carly is using her time in the spotlight to call out and challenge the presumptive Democrat nominee on a number of issues.

You might remember that earlier in her campaign, Carly had some fun buying up website domains like and Her newest website is her best yet:



The site delivers a healthy dose of  reality about who Hillary truly is (HINT: she’s not one of us), while documenting some of her famous (infamous?) failings and blatant hypocrisies, including:

  • “What difference does it make?”
  • Hillary tweets about human rights while taking money from repressive regimes
  • The Clinton way: do as I say, not as I do
  • What has Hillary accomplished with her political titles?

I’d add, why did Hillary, frequent bemoaner of the so-called wage gap, pay her female Senate staffers less than she paid their male counterparts?

This new website demonstrates that Carly Fiorina knows who the real opponent is, and she isn’t one bit afraid to take her on. And this campaign style is paying off in spades for Carly, who’s wowing crowds in important primary states and making gains in recent polls.


The Lexington Libertarian said months ago that Carly Fiorina would make an excellent Vice President. And here is where we are going to change our mind for President and agree with Bill Whittle, Ted Cruz for President and Carly Fiorina for Vice President would make a great one-two punch and they would satisfy all the Trump voters in going on the attack and staying on the attack.


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