‘The Sanctity Of Human Life’ – Matt Chandler

pregnant-woman-getting-ultrasound-doctor-5943678Jan 22. 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion in the Roe versus Wade decision. Since that time scientific advances in Ultrasound and Sonagrams have allowed us to actually see what is going on in the womb and. And those scientific advances show us that what is there is a baby, not a mass of tissue or unformed cells, not even a fetus – A BABY.

The Left is always accusing the Right of not following science. Well here and now the Lexington Libertarian is  throwing that charge right back in the face of Progressives. Since Roe versus Wade science has shown us a great deal more about the gestation process. Yet the Left refuses to recognize that science because it does not fit their agenda.

We ask you to take 6 minutes of your time to view the video above and then see if perhaps times have changed and new knowledge can shed more light on the subject of abortion.



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