It’s Not Illegal Immigration It’s An Invasion

Illegal Immigration is the number one issue for the 2016 Presidential election. While John Boehner and Mitch McConnell sat around with their thumb up their ass absolutely refusing to act on this issue, most of the 17 Republican candidates for President tiptoed around the issue lest they lose some votes. Well they all have been Trumped by the Donald who is not afraid to be bold.



Rush reports:

Jeff Lord, who writes for the American Spectator, also has a piece for the Conservative Review he has out now. He’s just been hired by CNN to do analysis and commentary, and he sent me a note late last night and he was digging around… He’s been intrigued by this kerfuffle that Trump started in which he claimed that Mexico is sending us their human debris. Mexico is purposely sending us their worst.

Mexico is getting rid of the people they don’t want; they’re sending them here.  And he said that he had a faint memory of a news story that would actual confirm this, and he searched and searched and he found it, and I’m now holding that story right here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  It’s from the Associated Press. It was published at, January 16th of 2008.  So almost eight years ago, about 7-1/2 years ago, this story ran.

“A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora traveled to Tucson to make the case against Arizona’s new employer sanctions law[.] The lawmakers say it will have a devastating affect [sic] on the Mexican state. At a news conference Tuesday, they said Sonora cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools it will face as illegal Mexican workers in Arizona return to their hometowns without jobs or money.” In other words, the Mexican government sent representatives, the equivalent of our state senators and representatives…

“The law, which took effect Jan.1, punishes employers who knowingly hire individuals who don’t have valid legal documents to work,” and those people get deported. “Businesses found violating the law face suspension or loss of a business license. The [Mexican] lawmakers were to travel to Phoenix Wednesday for a breakfast meeting with Hispanic legislators.” The Sonora delegation, rather, was going to “travel to Phoenix Wednesday for a breakfast meeting with Hispanic legislators. … ‘How can they pass a law like this?’ asked Mexican Rep. Leticia Amparano-Gamez, who represents Nogales. ‘There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona,’ Amparano[-Gamez] said in Spanish.”

In other words, what Trump has been saying is right:  Mexico does actively send undesirables here.  When we send them back, Mexico sent a delegation to Arizona eight years ago to complain about our deporting them.  They don’t want them back.  Jeff Lord is working up… He already has. He has worked up an entire piece on this that is published at the conservative… I’m having a mental block on what the name is. I’ll find it. I’m having a mental block on the actual name of the website.

But the point is… I want to reiterate something I said toward the end of the program. It was in the third hour.  Folks, we’re making a mistake.  I know many of you already have concluded this on your own, so it’s not earth-shattering here. But we’re making a mistake referring to this as immigration, period, whether it’s illegal immigration or illegal alien.  This is not immigration, what is happening here.  I mean, it’s happening even now.

The numbers that you see routinely reported are hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border either monthly or yearly.  And they’re getting in and nobody’s stopping them, and nobody’s turning them around and nobody is refusing them entry.  This is not immigration!  Immigration has a system.  You apply.  You fill out documentation, you go in line, and you are admitted according to procedures in our immigration law.

And once admitted, you have to follow laws in this country and eventually, after time passes, you can be granted permanent status and then take a test and become a citizen. That is immigration. What is happening on our Southern border is not immigration.  This is an invasion.  And it’s not just happening here.  It’s happening in all parts of Europe, where borders essentially don’t even exist.  But it’s wrong to talk about this as immigration.  It’s wrong to talk about it in terms of trying to come up with immigration policy.

We already have that.

We have enough immigration law on the books to deal with this if we would just enforce it.  We are not enforcing it, as you well know, and that’s strategic and political.  It’s on purpose.  This invasion is sponsored.  This invasion is desired.  Both political parties in Washington have their own interests in this invasion.  The Democrats see new voters.  The Democrats need to replace what’s going on at Planned Parenthood, frankly.  Who do you think’s being aborted at Planned Parenthood?  Their future Democrat voters. 

They need to replace them.  The Democrat Party also needs a permanent underclass of dependent, uneducated, low-skilled people who are going to have to be dependent on government to live.  Ideal Democrat voters.  The Republican desire is for the job market, what have you.  But regardless, the DC establishment is interested — for different reasons — in this invasion continuing.

And I think we are missing the boat by accepting the terms offered by people who are in favor of this.  It isn’t immigration.  Under no definition can we call what is happening on our Southern border immigration, legal or illegal.  It is an invasion.  It’s an invasion of a certain type of person from certain parts of the world for whatever reason.  They are fleeing poverty, they are fleeing war, they are fleeing destitution or they are seeking — in some cases, I’m sure — a better life.

They all are.  But there’s no aspect of this that is immigration, and to deal with this under the auspices of so-called immigration law makes it sound like we don’t have any immigration law to deal with it.  We do!  We just are not enforcing it.  So the desire to set up new law, come up with new laws and new procedures to deal with this is brilliant and purposeful in convincing people — or trying to convince people — that we have no system in place to deal with this, when we do.

Do you know how different California would look?  Can you imagine the political differences possible in California alone and then add that to other states?  Can you imagine what the jobs circumstance would be? Do you think that we would have 94 million Americans not working?  Do you think that wages might be a little higher?  Do you think our economy might be rolling a little faster than it is here?  You think we might be having some really cool economic growth?  I don’t mean this as an insult to any of these people personally.



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