Once Again, Why Donald Trump Is So Popular

People, especially the Liberal media, cannot understand how a big bombastic blowhard like Donald Trump maintains his popularity, especially with the many gaffes and insults that come from his mouth.

Let the Lexington Libertarian explain it:

First there is the Republican Establishment wing of the party – Liberal Republicans. They have been around a long time. Remember Goldwater versus Rockefeller? Well,  the Liberal Republican Establishment own the Party apparatus and the money. They have big donors who buy influence, something Donald Trump admitted that he has done. Those big donors expect a certain style of candidate who will govern with their interests, not  your interests, in mind. And that translates into a Republican President who is not a Conservative.

So through the control of the Liberal Establishment Republicans and the big donors who have contributed millions to buy, in reality bribe, a President they can control, we have such Republican Presidential nominees as Bob Dole,  both Bushes, Mitt Romney and John McCain to stick to the present and not go too far back in history. Some have been winners like the Bushes, but many more have been losers.

But the Republican Liberal Establishment and their big donors would rather have the Democrat win the Presidency than a Conservative.


Secondly Republican office seekers often get elected by lying to the public. They talk Conservative to get elected but once in power turn Liberal. Look at the Republican Congressional leaders – John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. They are doing nothing to mount any kind of significant opposition to Obama’s far Left illegal policies.

Republican and some Independent voters are tired of being lied to. They elect people to represent them who say one thing and do another.

Now most intelligent voters know that Donald Trump is not a Conservative. He’s a Populist. If they are Conservative they know that he is only about 75% in line with their thinking. But they don’t trust the Republican Governors and Senators running for President  who talk a much harder Conservative line to actually be what they say if they got elected.

What they do know is this: Donald Trump doesn’t need any donors, he’s super rich. He can finance his own campaign out of pocket. He cannot be bought. And when Donald Trump says he is going to do something, he will do it; it’s like money in the bank. And that is because that is his track record. He has throughout his history always done what he says he is going to do. So when Donald Trump says we are going to shut down and close our Southern border – well consider it done.Donald Trump

So Conservative voters would rather elect a nonconservative Populist who will give them 75% of what they want then a Conservative who promises 100% but only gives them 50% of what they want.

And that explains the attraction of Donald Trump.

Ebben Raves writing for the American Thinker reports:

About Those Crossover Voters…

By Ebben Raves

Crossover voters.  They are an integral part of the Republican establishment’s plan to nominate Jeb Bush as their candidate for the presidency.  This plan in a nutshell, well described by many, especially Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse, is as follows:

  1. Change the rules of the nomination process so that the results of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina do not give an outsider real momentum.
  2. Utilize the Bush family connections to fund Super PACs beholden to the establishment, which will be used to ensure his win.
  3. Use these Super PACs to fund “splitter” candidates in certain states to enable Jeb to win with as little as twenty percent or less of the vote.
  4. Once Jeb wins the Florida primary and garners its ninety-nine electoral votes, promote him as the inevitable candidate whom all Republicans need to support.
  5. As the “splitters,” paid for by the establishment PACs drop out, they endorse Jeb, enhancing his “inevitability.”
  6. Count on an “Operation Chaos” where Democrat voters cross over and vote for Jeb Bush, thinking him the weakest candidate against Hillary Clinton.
  7. Expect Republicans to hold their noses and vote against Hillary Clinton.

All in all, an admirable plan…to once again lose “with honor.”    Oh, the Bush camp will make somewhat of a run for the presidency, and if they win, we can almost bet they’ll be surprised.  After all, a Bush has yet to beat a Clinton.  It doesn’t matter either way in this incestuous uni-party.   The donors from both sides and the campaign operatives will be paid by us, the taxpayers, in one form or another.  Business as usual, selling out our country to the highest bidder.  There used to be a saying about us having the best politicians that money could buy.  I’m beginning to wonder about that.

Funny things happened on the way to the market, though.  First, Hillary doesn’t seem to have the Democrat ticket locked up.  For all of her glass ceiling gravitas, once you take away the press, her entourage and the usual party hacks, how many does she really draw?  Bernie Sanders, a Socialist and not even a Democrat, has huge crowds and is now beating her in polls in the Democrat presidential primary in New Hampshire and Iowa.  Hillary?  Thank goodness for camera angles.  How far left does she need to go and still be considered a Democrat?  Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the DNC chair, can’t seem to answer that.   In fact, Debbie can’t even explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist.  Maybe she should look to the Communist Party USA platform for a refresher — oh, wait, they took it down after Obama’s election.  You can find it if you search, though.  Meantime, here’s the Socialist Party platform.  Sound familiar, Debbie?  Then there’s Hillary’s skirting jail at the pleasure of the Chicago bunch.   It’ll be interesting to see how long that lasts.  So much for Hillary, but she’ll still beat Jeb in a head to head match.  She wants it.  He’ll lie down.  We’ll stay home.

Now, along comes Donald Trump.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  Jeb was supposed to win without conservatives by using his PAC-Men to split the conservative vote and allow him to win with twenty percent or so.  It worked before, and they even changed the rules to make sure it works this time.  He and the red vs. blue team never figured that someone not beholden to them would actually come out and talk about “Americanism.”   “Build a wall,” “Bring jobs back,” “Make good deals,” “Make America great again” are things that matter to Joe Lunch Box more than the latest lecture on pure conservatism from George Will or anyone else he’s never heard of.   These things resonate with him — he doesn’t own pearls to clutch at the latest Trump verbal gaffe.

Friday evening, it was interesting to listen to Rick Perry talk about suspending his campaign.  Rick, a former Democrat, spoke of Conservatism.  Conservatism.  That word is to a Democrat and many Independents as garlic is to a vampire.  When was the last time you heard a Democrat speak to a national audience and say the word “Liberalism” or “Progressive”, let alone “Socialist” or “Communist?”   Conservatism.  Does that mean that we want to keep what we now have?  Joe Lunch Box remembers when he cut lawns as a kid for spending money.  He now sees the “landscaper” trailers in his neighborhood if he’s lucky enough to still work at a plant that hasn’t been sent to China.  Joe Lunch Box understands “Americanism.”  He may pick up a Republican primary voter card, but as long as Trump is on the ballot, I doubt he’ll vote for Jeb.


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