Bernie Sanders For Amnesty For Illegals

Bernie Sanders would, as President, immediately legalize some 30 million illegal aliens and give them all voting rights.

This is what the Left is trying to do in America. They want to ensure a one party state by making the most Liberal Party, the Democrats, the dominant political party for the foreseeable future. And Sanders would not build a wall or close our southern border.


ALIPAC reports:

Bernie Sanders Amnesty Support Summary

Senator Bernie Sanders more than “supports amnesty” for illegal aliens, this senator is one of 68 sellouts in Washington who actually voted for and passed the illegal immigrant amnesty bill S. 744 out of the US Senate in June of 2013 in an effort to get the bill to Obama’s desk.

This illegal alien amnesty bill is called
“S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act”

Bernie Sanders’s vote for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens does not reflect the wishes of a large majority of voters in America.

The bill was stopped in the House due to hard fought battles by true conservatives in the US House and illegal immigration activist groups like NumbersUSA and ALIPAC!

This senator’s illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744 would have given citizenship and eventual voting rights to more than ten million illegal aliens, allowing them to form a new voting bloc in American elections and paralyzing any future border or immigration law enforcement designed to protect Americans.

S. 744 would have cost US taxpayers trillions of dollars in future federal expenses while leaving our states open to further invasion and larger future waves of unstoppable illegal immigration due to the undermining of America’s laws, borders, the Constitution, and the Republic by those who voted for and passed the illegal immigration Amnesty bill S. 744.

S. 744 would have cost millions of Americans their jobs while pushing down American wages even lower, and would have increased the number of Americans being killed by illegal immigrants each year due to the nonenforcement of our existing immigration laws.


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