The Democrat Debate: A Bunch Of Santa Clauses And Clowns

Anybody can look good in a bunch of stiffs. What a contrast with the Republican debates where there was a multitude of eloquent, inspirational, qualified candidates.

While Democrats promised the world with “free” giveaways, why  were they not asked how they intended to pay for all these “freebies?” What they are proposing is exactly what Greece put into practice.  And you know how that scene turned out?

Why were there almost no foreign policy questions asked? Putin and Rusia are in Syria with 2000 Cuban troops and 1500 elite Iranian warriors. Millions flee to Europe. Israel is being backed into a corner. The world is in chaos and in many places in flames. And these are the policies of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton coming to fruition. This is the result of Obama leading from behind and withdrawing from the world. But CNN opted not to ask any of those difficult questions.

But Wade Allyn Root did. Consider his questions in the video above.


Allen West reports:

Hillary's Last run



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