Marco Rubio: A Sense Of Urgency Facing America

What Rubio is saying is that it is now or never. Four more years, more likely eight, with an Obama clone in the White House will spell disaster for America. We will find ourselves in the situation Greece now faces. And, Rubio says, we will be the first generation to leave to our children an America worse off than the one their parents had.

Rubio may be the choice of many Establishment Republicans, but he is not one himself. Remember he challenged the Establishment Charlie Crist for the Senate seat, a race most people told him he could not win. But Rubio had the support of the Tea Party and he is a true blue Conservative.

Some closed minded party stalwarts knock Rubio for his attempt at immigration reform. But when it became clear that the Democrats would not keep their word and would subvert any bill passed, Rubio backed off and insisted that any immigration reform would have to be passed piecemeal with the first legislation being the closing of the Southern border. That is certainly a Conservative talking.

Rubio is a dashing “JFK type” politician who is an eloquent speaker with a humble family story who can unite both the Establishment wing and the Conservative wing of the Republican Party. His youth and vigorous style can ignite the nation into action. Another good choice for President.


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