Our Delusional President

There are three top reasons why Obama is delusional

  1. He is from Academia, not the real world. The last guy to run for President from Academia was Adlai Stevenson. And he ran twice, back to back, as he was the darling of the Left. Yes, we had a significant Leftist population back then, but fortunately, we had no yet had the flood of illegals to bolster the Democrat Party then. Academians deal in theory divorced from reality.
  2. He is an Idealogue. Obama is a product of a Marxist-Socialist hard-Left ideology. People who are ideologues don’t use reason and logic, they walk only to the drumbeat of their ideology which is their religion. They are trapped in a box of political correctness and hardcore ideology from which they must never venture out. Ideologues never compromise. Those who are under their rule must surrender.
  3. He is a narcissistic person. Obama is so taken with himself that he can do no wrong. Just ask him. He will tell you. He is the smartest person in any room, according to him. That allows him to have delusions of grandeur. Narcissistic people may think they are the Messiah. Narcissistic people also operate with a certain level of arrogance. It is also just one more factor that isolates Obama from reality.



Up to this point, Jimmy Carter has been deemed the worst President of the modern era. Carter was an ideologue and a narcissistic President. But he wasn’t from Academia.

Those who attain the nation’s highest office who have never been in business or farming-ranching, who have never had to meet a payroll, who have never had to hire and fire, who have never had to manage large numbers of people in the real world are prone to be delusional Presidents. That includes career politicians.

However, there is a significant amount of political thinkers and observers who feel that Obama knows exactly what he is doing and that he is deliberately bringing down the United States in order that it might atone for its past sins. They say the President is not delusional, that he is crazy like a fox. He knows what he is doing but in his mind it is payback time. That makes him Machiavellian and for many that could be reason number four.

We’ll let you be the judge on that score.Obama Halo



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