Anarchy In America

Kate’s Law is an issue with overwleming grassroots support that should unite both parties into doing something that is good for the country. But the Far Left that has taken over the Democrat Party is wedded to its Marxist-Socialist ideology and doesn’t give a damn about the American people, only that its ideology gets furthered.


Real Clear Politics quotes O’Reilly:

O’Reilly on Anarchy in America: Can We Pick & Choose What Laws We Obey?

BILL O’REILLY: We are a nation of laws no longer.

We saw that yesterday in the Senate as 44 Democrats and one Republican — Kirk of Illinois — voted against defunding sanctuary cities as well as punishing illegal alien felons who defy deportation.

Forty-five senators failed to uphold federal law, violating their oath of office.

Where is the outrage? The sad truth – there is very little.

In San Francisco yesterday, the Board of Supervisors directly insulted the family of Kate Steinle, the young woman who was murdered by an illegal alien felon who was released from a San Francisco jail after federal authorities asked the sheriff to hold him.

The supervisors voted to retain their sanctuary city policy and not cooperate with federal authorities when asked to detain criminals.

If you think that’s outrageous, listen to this soundbite directed at Kate Steinle’s family and supporters:

SAN FRANCISCO SUPERVISOR MALIA COHEN (D): “We cannot allow one event to dictate 25 years, 25 years, of our city’s policies toward undocumented immigrants in our city. (APPLAUSE) And more importantly, we cannot allow hateful conservative news stations to drive how we respond to incidents in our city. I’m not afraid of Fox News and they don’t influence how I make my policy decisions here in San Francisco. (LOUD APPLAUSE)”

That woman is a disgrace and if I were the attorney general of the United States, I would place her immediately under arrest.

I may not win the case, but I would send a message to subversive office holders that if you don’t obey federal law, you yourself will be prosecuted.

And where is President Obama on upholding the law? What does he have to say about his party’s vote in the Senate?

The president is silent.

Now, if Congress does not believe immigration law is good for America – change it.

But you do not defy it because then every single American can pick and choose what law to obey under equal justice for all.

There is no question that our elected officials in Washington and in places like San Francisco are actively undermining the rule of law in this country.

What kind of message does it send when the Senate condones a city like San Francisco, releasing a seven-time foreign felon who then kills an innocent girl?

As for the city of San Francisco, it’s hopeless – a free fire zone of anti-establishment behavior.

As Talking Points stated yesterday, there comes a point when the American people are going to have to rise up and elect responsible people to run this country.

Because right now things are officially out of control.

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