The Truth About Immigration And Welfare


Stefan Molyneux offers us a vast array of welfare and immigration statistics. It is a lengthy presentation but well worth the view.

The fact is that 1/3 of Mexico has moved to the United States. Are they becoming Americans? Or is America becoming Mexico? We are not talking about race here, or discrimination but of culture.

If the United States does not close its borders, track its Visas and stop the illegal influx of illegal immigrants it will be like a lifeboat that sinks for trying to save too many people.

This accounts for the popularity of Donald Trump because he was the only politician with enough chutzpah to bring up the subject of immigration and what it was doing to this country. He was not already an elected politician so he wasn’t worried about getting re-elected. Trump opened the bidding and the game has grown to new heights.

WATCH THE VIDEO – I know it is long, but it is eye opening.


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