Republicans Must Not Let The Democrats Get Away With A Free Ride On Benghazi

After Hillary’s testimony, the press declared Hillary the winner, that she had beaten back the foes of negativity. That’s because the whole traditional media are in the tank for Hillary and the Democrats. They mirror the Liberal mindset of style over substance. Hillary won on style points, cries the media. But one thing we have learned about Liberals, don’t ever let the facts get in the way of the truth!

Marco Rubio is eminently qualified to be President as his knowledge of foreign affairs is outstanding. Rubio serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is certainly more experienced in foreign affairs than Trump or Carson and any of the Governors. The world is in chaos and the Radical Muslims are out to conquer the world. America is the evil Satan and whoever is in the White House needs to start off right away with a knowledge of what is going on in the world. Foreign Policy will play a big role in the next administration.

The Republicans must not repeat the Romney error of letting the Democrat Presidential nominee skate on Benghazi. Romney allowed himself to be blindsided by a Liberal moderator and his nice guy, hands off approach to dealing with Obama mirrored that of John McCain. And that was a losing strategy. We know the facts of the case, and the facts show that Hillary was negligent in her duty as Secretary of State.

That Republican approach is one more reason there is so much anger among the American electorate. There has been no one to stand up to the Far Left’s transformation of America which the majority of Americans do not want. No one has the courage to fight back.

So if Hillary gets the Presidential nomination, and there is a Presidential debate once again, then this time around the Republican nominee can not allow the Democrat nominee a free pass on Benghazi.

HillaryGetOutofBenghaziJailFreeCardPIX (1)




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