CNBC: Assassins

Once again the Moderators of a Republican Party debate were terrible. They were Liberal Democrat operatives posing as news people. They were the Liberal media rooting for Hillary. They can’t understand the Conservative approach to solving problems, so they argued with the candidates with Liberal talking points that their Liberal way was the only way.

But the big point that many miss here is that this debate is for Republicans voters, not independent voters, not for Democrat voters, but Republican voters to choose who they want to represent them. If the other side wants to listen in, that’s not a problem. But why are Democrat Moderators questioning Republicans in a purely Republican affair? When the two nominees debate, that’s a different story. But why wouldn’t CNBC bring in just one Republican Moderator in the name of fairness? And the answer to that question is they don’t have any at CNBC.

The real problem is the RNC who set up these debates. Why choose CNBC or CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC to moderate Republican only debates? Good Lord, you might as well ask MSNBC.

What would make more sense is for the Republicans participating in the debate to agree on two or three Republican/Conservative Moderators and pick a time and place and invite all the networks to cover the debate.

The Democrats are not allowing FOX to hold any of their debates? Why? Because they don’t want Republican/Conservative Moderators questioning their candidates. They got it right. How come The Republican Party Apparatus can’t do the same?

First Silvio Canto, Jr. writing for American Thinker reports:

Hooray for the GOP candidates for sticking together and fighting back against arrogant moderators.  It was a great to watch and necessary for the base to know that the days of being nice and genteel are over.  We are not going to play games anymore with Democrats dressed up as reporters.

The CNBC debate is also a message to Hillary Clinton.

In other words, the GOP candidate in 2016 is not going to turn his (or her) cheek when she plays the gender card or whatever other distraction comes up.  Furthermore, the 2016 nominee is not going to sit back and watch a CNN moderator bail out a Democrat, as happened in 2012 over Benghazi.

With all due respect to Senator McCain (a war hero) and Governor Romney (a great businessman), this GOP group plans to be assertive and challenge reporters when they ask biased questions.

The CNBC moderators were so bad that even Bill Maher beat them up: “Oh my god did I just hear Ted Cruz say something awesome that I agree with? Yes. The media is even stupider than the pols. Who’s on first?”  Stuart Rothenberg piled on: “Wow. CNBC is really blowing it tonight.”

There was so much the moderators could have focused on.

For example, the news about the economy is horrible.  The 3rd quarter grew at 1.5%.  Why didn’t CNBC focus on that terrible number and ask some questions about economic programs?  I was hoping to hear about that.  Wasn’t the theme of the debate “your vote, your money” or something like that?  Isn’t CNBC supposed to be a business news network?

Also, what about the economic impact of having Russia take over the Middle East?  How will that impact oil prices?

What about the impact of regulations?

Or the economic state of black America in the 7th year of our first black president?  What about the lousy living conditions in our inner cities, run by the Democratic Party?  Does any candidate have a plan to revive the inner cities after 50 years of Democrat rule?

Instead, we got questions about a company that Dr. Carson was associated with, another stupid question about a Trump bankruptcy, a condescending statement to Senator Rubio about his personal finances, and even the NFL fantasy league.

It raises the question: whom did these moderators clear the questions with?  Did they do any editorial analysis of their questions?  Are these people at CNBC that out of touch with reality?

 We can do punditry about who won or lost.  We can start the debate about who gets out or stays in.

It’s clear to me that the GOP sent out a message last night: they plan to fight and challenge Hillary Clinton’s record, from her ownership of the Obama foreign policy to the Clinton Foundation and the bad economy.  And they are not going to sit back and take media bias anymore!


Second Rush reportsRush


Bias doesn’t even cover what happened last night.  That was a kill show last night.  That show was designed to kill every one of those candidates.  That debate last night was designed to take them all out.  That debate last night was to grease the skids for Hillary Clinton.  That was the sole purpose of that debate last night.  And the smugness and the arrogance and the condescension with which those moderators went about it finally came back and bit them to the point that everybody watching that debate, everybody, even other Drive-By Media types saw what was going on.

You can count on one hand the number of Drive-By Media types defending what happened last night on CNBC, and one of them doesn’t even really count because his mind was lost long ago, and that’s Chris Matthews.  So you can count on four fingers the number of Drive-Bys that are actually defending.  Ron Fournier even last night said that what happened, the mainstream media is getting beat up today, and we deserve it, he said.  And he’s exactly right.

I want to take you back, before we get into debate analysis, because I started fuming with that very first question:  Please tell us what is your biggest weakness.  Right then you knew the table was set, you knew what was coming.  And it ticked me off that some of our people even deigned to answer it.  The whole premise behind that question is, tell us why you’re not qualified. And if there was a theme to this debate last night from these moderators, it was to expose the fact that these fine people, any one of which would be preferable to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, is not qualified.

And it bugs me and it has me fuming, this automatic assumption that any Democrat, the architects of the current economic disaster, the people with the only fingerprints on this economic disaster — well, at least for the first five years. The Democrat Party, when you talk about Obamacare, there aren’t any Republican fingerprints.  We have 94 million Americans not working.  We have half the country making less than $30,000 a year, and these people, these moderators, attempted to say that the people seeking the presidency on that stage last night are not qualified?  Coupled with the automatic assumption that Hillary Clinton is qualified, that Barack Obama is qualified, that Joe Biden or whoever else on the Democrat side is, offends me and it has offended me my entire life.  But I want to take you back to this very program, all the way back to April 14th, where I issued a warning to the RNC and Republican candidates.

If the Republicans fall for this business of letting Clinton campaign operatives moderate their debates we’re told that, “Rush, look, that’s the lay of the land, everybody knows it, and it’s an obstacle the Republicans have, it’s a reality that the Democrats don’t. And everybody knows it, and therefore the Republicans have to prove they can overcome this unfairness.” Really?  Why is that case?  It’s apparently been required of the Republicans for 35 years that they demonstrate they’re willing to deal with this unfairness.  It seems like they’ve demonstrated for a number of decades they’re willing to do it.  The point is it doesn’t seem to help them much.  It remains an obstacle that has to be overcome.  I know, it’s a challenging exercise to come up with alternative means here of reaching the American people.  But one of the ways, this is a great field of candidacies that the Republicans have who can reach the American people by going over the heads of the media, and they should not be afraid to do so.

Yet the RNC schedules these debates, and they schedule these debates with the very enemies of the Republicans.  We all know, everybody knows, they are the enemy.  They’re not just the media.  They are the enemy, and yet the scheduling continues.  And we all know why.  The Republican Party, inside the Beltway, the establishment, whatever you want to call it, thinks they have to bend over backward to prove their fairness, that they are not all of these things they’re alleged to be.

So they take every option, every opportunity to try show these people, “No you don’t understand. We’re not racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes.”  There’s no changing their minds.  These moderators last night didn’t care a whit what these candidates think of anything.  You could tell that by virtue of the questions. They didn’t have any interest whatsoever in what these candidates thought.  The only objective they had was to take them out.  From top to bottom, the objective here was to take these candidates out, to impugn them, to discredit them, to destroy them, whatever it took in the eyes of the public to ruin their reputations, to mock them, to mischaracterize them.  That was the sole purpose.

But it’s not just last night where this happens.  This happens every day.  The media needs to be removed from the equation here.  Everybody knows that.  But how do you do it?  One of the great issues of our time is how to counteract the damage inflicted by a corrupt media which is aligned with the Democrat Party.  We have serious issues facing this country, and we do not, in not enough sectors of our party do we acknowledge the full scope of our enemy.

You have to ask yourself, if Cruz had not done what he did, would any of the other candidates have spoken up as forcefully?

I don’t think so.  Because I think there’s this built-in fear of going against the media because the criticism is, “You mean you can’t handle questions from the media and you want to be president of the United States?  Come on! You can’t be serious.  You need to toughen up.”  And that’s the wrong way to look at this because we’re not dealing with tough questions here.  We’re not dealing with challenging questions here.  We’re dealing with assassins.  We’re dealing with character assassins. We’re dealing with career assassins.

That’s who the media is today vis-a-vis the Republican Party, and it doesn’t matter.  You can have all the nice guys in the world, the Mitt Romneys and whatever.  You’re not gonna change their mind.  You can have all of the pliant, cross-the-aisle, “I want to work with you. I want to cooperate with you! We want to work together to get things done.” You can have all the Republicans in the world, and all you’re gonna get is mocked and laughed at when you fall for the trick and try to sidle up to the media and the Democrat Party that way.

They just privately laugh at you and talk about how they have you wrapped around their little finger.  You can’t impress them.  You can’t dazzle them.  You can’t change their minds about you, because they don’t care to like you.  They don’t care to have you on their side.  They’re sole mission is to destroy you because of their quest for power, which is what this is all about.  That’s what politics is all about is power, and they make no bones about it, and they don’t care how it is they acquire it.

If they have to tell a lie about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes for ten years, if they have to tell a lie about Mitt Romney essentially letting an employee’s wife die — he didn’t care about it because there was no health care — they don’t care. They don’t. There’s nothing that stops them because they know they’re never gonna be called on it.  Hillary Clinton’s never gonna have her campaign or her existence characterized as “cartoonish.”  She is never going to have her criminal past and her husband’s criminal past called up and have people reminded of it.

It’s gonna be glossed over and in fact marveled at: How clever the Clintons are at combining all the things that they do to get where they go.  But it’s not even that.  It’s just they’re all of the same mind, folks. They’re all of the same mind-set.  They are all extremist leftists.  Some of them are disguised as elected officials.  Some of them disguised as candidates.  Some of them disguised as journalists.  Some of them are disguised as think-tank specialists.  Some of them disguised as people that run nonprofits.  Some of them disguised as college professors.

Some of them disguised as CEOs.

But they’re all leftists, and that is the most important thing in their life is their ideology and advancing their agenda.  We are their biggest enemy, foreign and domestic. We — conservatives specifically, Republicans secondly — are their biggest enemy.  And so we faced another hit squad last night, and they were finally called out on it.  Did you notice that not one of them seemed to be bothered by it?  Did you notice Harwood? Nothing but smirk and smile.  Becky Quick? Smirk and smile.  Carl Quintanilla? Smirk and smile.

They didn’t care.  To them, today it’s mission accomplished.  A, everybody’s talking about them.  B, when they talk among themselves they’re congratulating themselves for actually characterizing Trump as a cartoon character, Ben Carson as being stupid and shallow, and on down the list.  They think mission accomplished! Don’t doubt me on this.  They’re not feeling chagrined.  They’re not embarrassed.  All the Drive-Bys on TV that you see — and there are many of them — condemning what they saw last night?

That’s for show.

This is not gonna cause one iota’s change in the media as for how they affect and treat Republicans.  It isn’t gonna change a thing.  That’s why Republicans are now compelled to continue the behavior that they began last night.  It is not a negative after what everybody saw last night. It’s not whining, it’s not complaining to now consider the media as part of the opposition.  It’s not childish.  As I say, it’s not whining; it’s not complaining.  That debate last night exposed every fatal flaw of the media-moderated debate model.

One of the great issues of our time — and it’s now more pressing than it’s ever been — is how to counteract the daily damage inflicted by a corrupt media — who, again, are simply disguised.  They are truly Democrat Party activists.  We have an existential threat to our country, to the constitutional republic that is America.  And it is a mistake for Republicans to ask these people, these leftist political hacks, to conduct inquisitions of them, called debates.

The questions themselves, the moderators, the assassins were attempting to characterize our candidates, and it didn’t matter what our candidates said.  That was the purpose of those questions.  There is no doubt about this.  The day ought to come where we stop giving them this opportunity.  They’re going to take it anyway. Whether it’s a debate format or the nightly news, they’re gonna do these kind of things.  Our people need to focus and spend most of their time on creating a bond with the American people, like Carson and Trump have done.

That’s how you blunt this stuff.  You don’t blunt this stuff by taking these people on and getting into a shouting match with ’em and telling them how they’re rude, although that was a good line from Christie.  To Harwood, “You know, John, what you’re doing even in New Jersey would be called rude.”  It was a great line.


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