Who Won The Debate?

We have already commented on the biased Moderators. But more than one Republican candidate rose to the occasion to swat the Moderstors and get some points across. We have the First, Second and Third place winners as follows:

  1. Marco Rubio
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Chris Christie

The big losers were Jeb Bush who looked foolish and Ben Carson who looked overmatched and unprepared. As we approach the first of the year with the holidays behind us we will see the current front runners fade. But Trump may be able to stop that slide if he opens up his pocketbook and saturates your airways.

Morris has it close to the same, but we wouldn’t say Huckabee is anything but a nice guy. What is worth noting through three debates now is that the most consistent candidate who was out in front in all three debates has been Marco Rubio. Morris has it right again when he says that Rubio is a bridge candidate. You will remember that in the run for the Senate Rubio was the Tea Party candidate against Charlie Crist. And now with an infusion of some serious money Rubio is set to make a run for the top.

But this whole process takes time. At this time, last time around  the leader was Herman Cain. And you know how that ended up. What people say in polls does not always match their actions in the voting booth. And the first three primaries are distinctly different. Iowa is where the Evangelical Christians dominate, New Hampshire where the Libertarians and Republican Establishment are the heavy influence and South Carolina where the true blue Conservatives run the show. So we could see Dr. Ben Carson win Iowa, Marco Rubio win New Hampshire and Ted Cruz take South Carolina. It’s only later that one candidate will start to pull away from all the others.

So stay tuned we have a long way to go.




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