Too Little, Too Late

There has been no coherent theme to Obama’s foreign policy. It has been something like a patchwork quilt. Here is a President who would just rather not deal with the problems of the world.

He encourages the overthrow of all Middle Eastern tyrants only to find they are replaced by radical Islamic Jihadists.He refuses to support an uprising against the Mullahs in Iran. He refuses to leave an occupation force in Iraq and thus allows the rise of ISIS. He gives Assad a red line not to cross, and when Assad crosses it, he does nothing. He removes the missile defense plan from Eastern Europe getting nothing in return to please Putin. Putin then invades Crimea and the Ukraine and now has taken over Syria in alliance with Iran. He gives away the store in a nuclear treaty with Iran. He cedes the protective power of the United States in the Middle East to Putin and Russia. His policies will result in nuclear proliferation throughout the Middle East.

In plain parlance, his foreign policy is a mess – not well thought out with no overriding direction. In one word, he is WEAK – and vacillating. Now he wants to add 50 troops, Special Forces, to Syria. Once again this is the typical Liberal symbolism over substance.  It is the same as making no decision at all.


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