Marco Rubio Explains His Stance On Illegal Immigration

One thing that we can say about Marco Rubio is that he is very Pro Life and very committed to a strong military and a stalwart defense of the United States.

The main rap that he has had to bear is his involvement with immigration reform. He tried to reform the system in cooperation with the Democrats. As soon as he saw that the Democrats were not being above board and were just using him he backed off. What the Democrats sought to do was create a whole package of comprehensive immigration reform in one big bill, which by the way included closing the southern border, and then they were going to pick and choose which parts of the bill they would enforce. One part of the bill they were not going to let happen was closing of the border.

That’s when Rubio said enough is enough. If you can’t be straight with me and the American people I am out of here. Thereafter he said that immigration reform was going to have to be done piecemeal. First we close the border and reform the VISA program and then we can talk about the rest. And Rubio openly said that this needed to be done this way becasue Barrack Obama was selectively enforcing legislation and could not be trusted.  “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CANNOT TRUST PRESIDENT OBAMA, Rubio said.

This video above goes along way to set the record straight and to show where Rubio is at this point with the issue of illegal immigration.


One thought on “Marco Rubio Explains His Stance On Illegal Immigration

  1. WOW! They say talk is cheap. Politicians are now making talk absolutly free. say anything to get a vote. doesn’t matter how big a lie you make.
    God said in the end times he would not only LET people be stupid, He would actually ADD to their stupidity if they want to be stupid.

    I think we are there.


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