A Night With Michael Connelly

L-Frederic L. Milliken, The Lexington Libertarian - R, Michael Connelly
L-Frederic L. Milliken, The Lexington Libertarian – R, Michael Connelly





It was great to finally meet the man in person at the Casa Linda Tea Party gathering in Dallas Texas, President and founder Pauline Dedrick. Michael Connelly has been

Pauline Dedrick
Pauline Dedrick

a fighter for the Constitutional Rights of American citizens, especially veterans, for many years. Connelly is Executive director of the Constitutional Law Alliance and the Chief Executive Officer of the United States Justice Foundation. In this capacity, he often solicits Freedom Of Information Act requests from the government and sees to the writing up of briefs for cases to be contested.

He spoke passionately about letters that veterans were getting from the VA. These letters declared the veterans mentally defective or incompetent of taking care of their personal affairs and appointed a fiduciary who would be paid 5% of their benefits checks for representing their interests.

The criterion used by the VA to designate veterans mentally defective or incompetent Connelly explains are:

  1. Minor PDS
  2. If one has ever been depressed or even mentioned that to a doctor without even taking any medicine
  3. If your spouse pays the bills for the household or if any third party pays your bills, including your bank
  4. If you take certain medications
  5. If one has ever been told by a judge to undergo an examination by a psychiatrist or a psychologist, even as a child

This last one is very unfair as in a hotly contested divorce case a judge often will order all participants to undergo psychiatric or psychological evaluation, even the children.

This criterion also puts veterans and seniors on the NICS List – The National Instant Criminal Background Check System. That automatically excludes them from gun ownership. Over  200,000 veterans are on the NICS list. Most should not be there, Connelly says. Many doctors across the nation on a routine checkup are asking their patients if they own a firearm.

If a veteran happens to go to the VA to check on his or her benefits all these questions will be asked including whether the veteran has a gun. If the veteran refuses to answer he or she will be stripped and searched for “radical tattoos.”

If a veteran should appeal his or her designation as mentally defective or incompetent a three-year investigation will ensue. During those three years, the VA will suspend all benefits, including the monthly checks veterans receive.

Michael Connelly
Michael Connelly

As far as the rest of us go our HIPPA rights are no longer sacrosanct, says Connelly. If you, even though you are not a veteran, qualify for any of the criterion used on veterans (see above) then your medical records will be sent to the FBI and you can expect, at the very least, for any guns you own to be confiscated.

Connelly says that he is getting reports that Social Security recipients are receiving some of the same scrutiny that veterans have been submitted to.

Over 300,000 veterans have died waiting for treatment by the VA, Connelly reminds us.

Lastly, Connelly finished up the night with some thoughts on Congress. He declared Cloture as unconstitutional. Specifically pointing to the issue of the Iran Nuclear Treaty, he said that the President with willing acquiescence from the Republican leadership changed  the Treaty to an Executive Agreement. In so doing instead of requiring a 2/3 vote for approval, it took a 2/3 vote to defeat the Agreement. Thus, the President was given the unconstitutional power to veto a negative vote. Think about that a minute. WHERE HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE PRESIDENT HAVING THE POWER TO VETO A NEGATIVE VOTE? Blatantly unconstitutional.

Lastly, we were all left with this depressing piece of information. The government is in agreement with a new psychiatric assertion that defines mental illness to anyone overly suspicious of the government.

Thank heavens for men like Michael Connelly who will devote a tremendous amount of time and effort to protecting our Rights under the Constitution. If you are a veteran or a citizen being deprived of your Constitutional Rights please get in contact with Michael Connelly.





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